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Just in case you wanted a closer, full-resolution look at the photos from our comparison of the Galaxy S5 and Nexus 5 cameras, here you go!

The photos are labeled in the caption area, but you'll see every Galaxy S5 picture in a row, followed by every Nexus 5 picture.

For our detailed thoughts, be sure to read the full article:
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Thank you.  That about solves it for me.  Each time I see a comparison the S5 does really well, and the camera is one of the biggest things in my line of work.
I may be bias as an N5 owner but to me the low light images of the N5 blow the S5 out of the water.
My Nexus 5 is the best phone I have ever owned and I prefer it to my iPhone 4s. But in general I thought my HTC now long gone took the best pictures. I am not always happy with my Nexus 5 phone camera, but the smoothness of operation and the quickness it has in posting photos to the internet are unsurpassable. The iPhone camera is great with clear photos, but performs a bit slower than my Nexus 5. Both my phones are unlocked so I can transfer the sim card to either one when I wish. I use them both for travelling overseas, one with my US number and the other with an overseas sim card for avoiding roaming charges when on the internet.
I like the more realistic photos on the n5. Samsung fanboys can't say the n5 camera is bad after viewing this.
I prefer the s5 photos. Samsung photos really pop and draw your eyes. The s5 photos also appear to have more detail. By comparison I think the nexus photos look a bit drab and boring. The s5 actually makes Seattle look sunny. 
Nexus is a lot better in low light, would like to see a moto x comparison too 
Very close. But I am surprised to say that the Nexus is the clear winner in low light. The city shot at night with the Galaxy S5 was at 1/15 second and the Nexus 5 at 1/10. The While very little difference, the Galaxy should have had the edge but doesn't and the image suffers more motion blur. 

Now if we could just get a 64GB Nexus 5, my decision would be fairly easy.
I see subtle differences but nothing enough for me to claim an absolute. In other words the images all look good considering the source. It seems its only +The Verge that thinks the nexus camera is a complete disaster. Ask nelay patel!
The Nexus 5 has vastly improved, and HDR is fast enough to use in situations you wouldn't before (like in a moving vehicle on a potholed road). It kills with the new update. 
To my untrained eye the difference is so subtle that I'd be happy with either phone.  Well, I do have the N5 and am very happy with it. :)
Problem is auto focus is terribly slow on the N5
Jeff W
Yes the galaxy S5 focus is very fast, picture quality is very close between the two.
I don't see the point of this comparison...the N5 is a 6 month old device, with an 800 SOC, in the tech world..this is a dinosaur. the camera has always been an issue with the Nexus devices so why compare a pretty good all around camera like the one on the S5 to the N5's ...I don't get that..why not compare it to the OPPO's camera or anything more relevant..
Funny how nexus fanboys calling out galaxy some might be looking some different pics
And I love my nexy 5
The S5 wins the camera department. Not that the N5 takes crappy photos, but the S5 camera is just faster and has more to offer. The N5 has slow focus and slow shutter speed, the difference is night and day. Turning on hdr+ on the Nexus 5 can make things much much slower. Aside from that, The GS5 has better camera UI and better options.
With speed, you'll have better chance at taking great photos. 
S5 is sharper in most of them but in quite a few the Nexus 5 is a more realistic in terms or colour while the S5 has a tendency to oversaturate. Nexus 5 also dealt better with night scenes. Both excellent cameras though and difficult to call an outright winner. I'd be more than happy with either of these. It's amazing we can get this level of camera quality with phones now.
I can take some pretty good pictures with my N5, but I would probably be able to take better pictures with the Galaxy 5. To bad I vowed to never buy a Samsung product ever back in 2009.
Nexus 5 gets there colours correct. Only a few of the photos from the n5 were a bit too bright. The galaxy s5 did ok at the most. 
From the looks of it, the clear winner is the consumer. Great photos all around.
These are not full-res Galaxy S5 photos because the S5 shoots at a 16:9 aspect ratio at 16MP.
And I can't believe people are praising the N5 camera. As much as I love the phone the camera on all Nexus devices are awful. It's a known issue especially with the N5.
Can I suggest smthg? Why dont you write down the detailed soec on each photo? For example: S5 HDR, N5 HDR. For those of us who want to quick read this article it is confusing, no info at all. Oh geez
Btw S5 is clearly the winner. I am an N5 owner.
N5 not as bad as I expected. But Samsung really need to sort out low light performance and make it more of a priority in future. 
For me the n5 is the winner as its considered a mid range phone.
How could you test the camera with OIS on a tripod, when you cannot turn it off? This is why even in day light handheld most of nexus photos comes better off. 
N5 won???haha what?
+Ernest Marvin Esteban The difference really IS night and day. The Galaxy S5 is better at day time shots and the Nexus 5 is better at night time shots. S5 can take higher resolution photos, but if they're grainy, you're just blowing up a grainy photo. Low-light in this case includes evening. That's a short timeframe where the S5 is happy with the lighting.
I always thought Nexus 5 camera is crap except for the fact that it has OIS. But now it really surprise me and changed my mind!
+Akash Kalgude Good for you, friend. Now if you could announce some other stuff. How you're not getting Burger King because they use a particular kind of oil to fry their food. How you're not shopping at Wal-Mart because they destroy small businesses. You could just create a social network for announcing all the interesting and justified shit you do so the people who are having a discussion don't have to hear your cries for attention.
Now off the soapbox.
+Mamamia Lezatos this isn't a "quick read" kind of article. There's more nuance to how each performed than simply saying one is the winner in one sentence. 
The Nexus 5 destroys the S5 in almost every situation here.  Again Samsung is either over exposed in bright light or the ISO and noise levels crawl wayyyyy too high in low light.  Seems like every time Samsung increases the megapixel count the cameras get worse, this crap started with the Note 3 and now it just gets worse.
+Jason Tokarz yeah I'm not sure how anyone can argue that unless they are completely blind (or a Samsung Knight). Bright shots however you could leave up to preference I suppose.
+Andrew Martonik Great collection and not too much to choose.between the two IMO.

I think if possible you should carry out 'Blind' tests. So the same type of varying shots, publish them but not reveal the phone used until much, much later.

I would imagine there currently is a lot of bias from those reading the article. I know I would like the N5 to win the comparison test and I'm sure even the most biassed here would have to admit that each phone performs better in some shots than others
The Nexus 5 wins hands down in the low light photos. I have both phones and have been very disappointed with the low light performance of the S5 and especially when compared to the Nexus 5 or my wife's iPhone 5S. I'm considering the Xperia Z2 now, but aren't going to spend the money until I've seen a similar review to this. 
Funny my buds s5 low light is fine..apparently adjusting settings never come up in some peoples heads.
+Rocky M. I'd love to know what settings your bud adjusts, as I've played around with them all, ISO, picture size, metering, white balance, exposure, the lot, and low light shots are still poor and grainy. 
Not friends phone..they look fine to me.
I have a nexus 5 and i love its camera.. Both phones have their own advantages, the s5 having superior details versus nexus 5 having better color accuracy and better low light capabilities.. I would prefer color accuracy over details as I'm not a professional photographer and yes i mostly shoot indoors like in malls, restaurants etc.. Also overall nexus 5 is a better phone.. Thanks for the comparison :) 
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