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Sad how HTC is greedy like that. Y pump the onex when you have the onex + on the way 6 months later.
HTC is in serious trouble man, i find it completely justifiable to offer a better (albeit not sizeably better; See Bionic-->RAZR) product so soon after release in order to pick up sales a bit prior to Christmas. If i had been someone who bought a One X 6 months ago I wouldnt have buyers remorse in the slightest, its still an amazing handset that I recommend to anyone interested in a phone on At&T
How hard can it be to put a 3000+mAh battery in a phone like this and release it on the market? Really, HTC?
I don't see their reasoning on releasing this device. The US One X is faster than the Tegra 3 version in the first place. The Snapdragon S4 beats the pants off of the Tegra 3 in all of the benchmarks. Even with the speed boost of the One X+ it still can't beat the GS3. The Tegra 3 just isn't capable of doing it. I don't see this device selling very well, actually I don't see any of HTC's devices doing very well anymore. The One series is their flagship series and it hasn't gained a significant market hold yet, now the One series is almost a year old and they definitely aren't going to pick up any momentum now. HTC isn't Samsung and their sales really do show for that. They would've been better off putting a Snapdragon S4 pro in this and giving it 2gb of ram and releasing it with multile colors, then they may have sold a few of them. With the Galaxy S3, the Galaxy Note 2, and the iPhone 5, this phone offers nothing competitive or unique to the game. This was a half-baked release, and will have half-baked sales. HTC, you are constantly losing money, releasing the same product with a very minimum spec bump 8 months after the original release with no new features is not the right way to gain customers or regain any of your lost profits. What is HTC thinking? How does this make any since?
This should have been the original one x. 16Gb non expandable with only 9gb available at first boot, didn't even consider it. Plus with mophie just releasing their juice pack case for the s3 and a 64gb microsd in the s3.. 
One thing to note in the hackability section is that when you unlock the One X using htcdev, you don't get S-OFF, so you have to connect your phone to a PC every time you want to flash a ROM. I assume the X+ will suffer the same.

I love everything about my One X, but this one thing is the reason I'm switching to the Nexus 4.
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