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In addition to being the 2011 Android Central Editor's Pick for third-party keyboards, SwiftKey also won a Webby this week, which is pretty close in prestige.
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Does it use the normal built in Voice to Text from ICS or do they still use their own? That is the only reason it isn't my everyday keyboard right now
I really hope they make it an option to keep the old layout if we want. The way I use Swiftkey, I have no use for a space bar. I'd much rather have a tiny space bar and punctuation icons instead of that dumb slider.
+Jeff Leger thanks, I completely forgot how much I hate the space bar on swift key. I'm always hitting other buttons by accident instead of space
So the big question is where can we get the beta?
They use the built in ICS voice to text thing now. I glad the space bar is bigger than it use to be. Id always hit the period button instead of the space bar.
+Charles Walters That's what I'm saying. I literally never use the space bar. By choosing the prediction, it puts the space in so there's no need for it. I'm hoping when they update it they allow us to revert to the "classic" layout if we choose.
+Jeff Leger I am saying I HATE the space bar in the current swift key. It is too small. I try to hit it and always hit punctuation instead
Don't need a download anymore, sooo much easier just looking on phandroid where the download link was in the article!
Brings back the comma? Uh? I have a comma button on the left of my space bar, which is plenty wide. I'm either missing something or everyone else is :-P
Thanks for the post, I made the update and it works perfect
+Linyera Báez-Rivera Why do you think that? There's already check boxes to show/hide cursor keys or foreign characters. I'm sure they can add a show/hide check box for punctuation keys
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