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Interesting... I would like to have it on my GNex
Works fine on HTC Thunderbolt ICS except no panorama, 360, or camcorder (but regular camcorder doesn't work on ICS either).
Looks like m going back to cm10 on the rezound tomorrow lo,
where in the hell are the APKS!!!!!!!! can someone please post a link or something?
Anyone got any hints as go why this won't copy into system/app for me?
It works good on HTC One X, just this Photosphere thing not :) 
+Arvin Yorro it works everything on HOX with CM10 just Photosphere not ;) rename it to Gallery2.apk :D 
Looking great! Photosphere needs to be tweaked though
+William Bennett I use root explorer, of you're rooted and using a file explorer that allows you to access root permissions, you should be OK to change it to R/W
idk wats going on not working for me...and force closed my camera and stuff 
+Jeff Champagne I'm rooted with cm10 on galaxy s3. When I go to change permissions it says its cant, with an explanation that it sometimes can't do it for files on the sdcard. Is there an obvious way around this, considering it is on the internal SD card already 
It should be just a click of the button. From R/O TO R/W
+William Bennett Be sure that Root Explorer has been granted superuser permissions. Check your superuser app to verify that Root Explorer has that permission. If you're rooted and haven't granted that to root explorer it won't work.
Ah no worries I just worked it out, no to see if it works after a reboot
ill wait till its baked into CM10, hopefully within the next week or so
google always brings us sth. new~
Should work on aokp ROMs, definitely works on nexus s 
yeah works on aokp m1 Gnex. 
running on galaxy nexus with CM10 works great except the new photo sphere doesn't work and new editing functions do not work. Also bring back picasa gallery sync issue with the previous jellybean gallery.
Any feedback for this apk to get it working on GS2 SGH-I 777 with CM9 ?
Thank you for this. Running flawlessly so far on Liquid RC7 on my d2vzw. oop- found a flaw.
I installed it and it sucks! My camera is way better (htc evo 4g lte) 
Well, I don't do Sense/touchwhiz/blur, so for me, it's the best camera yet. But for me (cm10/liquid on d2vzw) I HAVE to touch focus before I snap a picture or I lose my camera to freeze and force-close. I'm amazed I am the only one I have heard of it happening to, but it happened on two different roms. Took me awhile to figure out what the problem was. But I'm going to rock it until the bugs are worked out. 
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