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No root needed, just install it like any other app :)
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Love the clock weather widget. Which HTC is it on?
Don't really need it since I have Blinkfeed, but I couldn't resist grabbing it anyway. Thank you. 
David B
For some reason, parsing issues prevent my Note 2 from running it. Hhmmm
Wish I could put G+ on Blinkfeed.
That looks beautiful, wish I could get it on a Nexus 7.
Not working on my s4. Just downloaded it and installed it, but can't find it anywhere. 
It should show up in your list of live wallpapers.
Sick.. Thanks.. Looks amazing. 
Gotcha. Works great. Thanks Shon. 
Just installed, works great! thanks!
Hey everyone. Download, install, go to settings, live wallpaper, activate. It's working fine on my Note2. Should work like any other live wallpaper. 
Just installed it on my evo 4G lte. Will try it on my Nexus 10 c if it works 
Background, got it. I didn't know what sunbeam was. 
Nice! Downloaded it on my N4 works great. 
Mk Nx
Sweet, thanks..
Works on my nexus 4 running pac rom
I'm going to ask a very stupid question (so bear with me please): how do you do it ? Do people program these already existing live wallpapers from scratch or do they just extract them somehow ?
For anyone that is having trouble, I found that when downloading with ES downloader it wasn't working so when I downloaded through Chrome it installed the apk.
Installed on my lgog just fine. 
Running here on my s3 on the 4.2.2 leak.thanks =) 
+Brian Johnson yeah same happened with me. I actually just added it to my Dropbox first and downloaded it from there.
Sweet! Working great on my Note 2.
I had to use the native android browser (not chrome) to download and install this app. It worked. I'm on a SGSII running latest version of AOKP. 
I just don't get the fascination with clocks on home screens. The time is already in the status bar/notification area on every Android device, even in this pic, why be redundant? And, Google Now tells me the weather if I need to know the forecast. Are people that freaked out about weather that they need it on their home screen constantly? I have better uses for home screen real estate. 
A lot of people use their phones as watches. Its just simple matter of when you simply wake phone to check for the time , do you want it the smallest thing on screen or largest. 
+Eric Cyrus but the time is on the lock screen to, you don't even have to unlock your phone to see the time, just press the power button. I just don't get the fascination with huge clocks taking up a huge portion of the home screen. Especially when the time is on the lock screen & status bar already.
That's my question +Darrell James.If it is,I'm just 20 pine trees and 5 oak trees away from!!! 
Why doesn't it work on my Nexus 4? It says "there it was a problem parsing the package".
+JT Allison I agree. My only point is adding a 3rd way to tell time is just so redundant. But, like you said, to each his own.
Was looking for this earlier. Thanks! 
+Tim Schmidt I've always thought of it that way, but I usually never know what to put so I just slap in a clock widget lol. 
+Nick Rosas Haha! How about these widgets; Google+, Google Now, GMail, Play Music, Android Central App, Twitter client, calendar, direct message, direct dial, Google Keep, Google Voice to name just a few.
David M
Perfect on the s3. Thanks for sharing. 
There's some guy who uploaded this to the Play Store and it's making money from it lol pretty swift move for quick cash but it's stupid.
Can't find the download on my s3. It's not in my live wallpapers
David M
+dave sheen it's on mine. Strange. Was the Download successful? 
+David McKinley yh I have done it twice and it's in my downloads I just can't open it or find it in wallpapers
Am I the only one who thinks that it's running on low FPS? I installed it on my Galaxy S4, and it doesn't run as smooth as the purple Beam live wallpaper.
Works on my Stock Rooted Nexus 4 , thanks
Z Vaper
Works great on my nexus 4 on carbon Rom
Tnx very much, much appreciate :)
Does not work in gnex say parasing error 
+Tawa Nicolas it appears to be running at only ~20fps which would explain the choppiness, would be nice to get a faster version 
The wallpapers runs like 15 fps on my DNA I can see frames when bubbles move
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