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HTC's new Sense 4 and the HTC One series has the best car app we've ever seen on an Android phone, bar none.
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Very nice...this might sway me away from a Nexus phone! Might! hehe
Well, along with other specs such as an awesome camera! hehe
On thing I really like is the camera view on the galaxy nexus dock. I wonder if this one will have a clear view to do time lapse / video etc.
OMG HTC is stepping up there game. Samsung who? Lol... I might be getting a one s, unless samsung some how magically tops that.
I just hope the car dock is made easily available. Get those things on walmart shelves. Lol
This is nice and all... BUT!

I've had this a long time ago in the Google Nexus One era!

This looks great, except for the fact it's tied to an HTC phone with Sense UI. Man...sense makes my freaking skin crawl just thinking about it.
Maybe sense 4.0 is minimally invasive. Lol..
Give it a few month and Cyanogen will have a build for it...hehe...
^ man, that's why i bought a Galaxy i wouldn't have to root/rom anymore! haha. I only rooted/rommed so i could get rid of BS like Sense UI.

+Zach Keller I really want the Galaxy Nexus, but I am on Sprint :-( Have to wait a while...Is it worth the wait?
Sprint is not going to get any better anytime soon. If you can afford it you should buy the gsm nexus, this way you can choose between ATT or Tmobile, and not be locked into any contract. If att sucks for you, try tmo, if they suck sell the phone, and buy a vzw gnex outright, and still not be locked into a contract. If you buy your phone full price you don't have to be locked down.
This also gives you freedom to get newer phones sooner, as long as you keep your phone in good shape just sell it and use that cash toward your new phone.
Interesting...I will look into the GSM versions, but I have heard that it does not work well around here (#Detroit) I am a bit hesitant to go to AT&T...T-Mobile seems to be in a worse place than Sprint! hehe
As long as you pay full price for the phone, right? :-)
definitely, I actually left at&t and started my own indirect that runs off of sprints network and truely unlimited smartphone internet (android,bb, windows, ios) and instead of referral money back, refer three people and get cell phone service free for life, no contract, no credit check sounds to good to be true but its not anyone can call for more info. Will 682-557-0626
I had sprint for 9 years. Sprints coverage is about on par (from what I have experienced) with att however att data speeds are much better than sprint. And believe it or not tmobile data speeds are better than att by a good bit. Not lte but the more readily available hspa+ which is pretty much everywhere. I am with att on a unlocked gs2 and i like it much better now that I actually get very usable data speeds, in comparison to when I was on sprint, and yup that even includes sprints weak ass wimax. Plus there are ways around att data caps if you use unlocked devices like the gsm Gnex.
Yup if you pay full price for your phone you don't have to sign a contract.
+Bryan Jager yeah, it's fantastic. No complaints, no mods...i run it straight stock ICS and it works like a dream. 100% approve of this device. My 6th android device, and definitely the best I've had.
Because of things like that, Sense is the best thing that happened to Android, GUI-wise...
+Kristjan Cocev not necessarily. You see if none of these manufacturers used skins. Android phones IMO would have a lot more accessories available. Also someone mentioned that this is not new that there was a very similar accessory available for the nexus s or nexus one. This can easily be done with vanilla android as well.
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