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Leaked video claims to show 4.6-inch, 720p display, quad-core 1.4GHz chip encased in temporary plastic shell.
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Most likely fake, like the rest of the pictures we have seen during the last months.
Updated with more pics from the original source, which now seems to have pulled the post.

+Ulf Karlsson Check the video and photos. Pretty sure this one is legit, though what we see on May 3 will likely look different on the outside.
Quite nice... I'm satisfied with the camera, because it was tipically said that it would be a 5MP camera... Let's wait til May 3.
I like the battery size
+Daniel Mandel it depends whether the new processor and screen eat it up or not, and so make it equal to an S2 in run time
+Paul Wooding of course but if that is correct at least Samsung is keeping pace with the hardware demands. Could be worse it could just be a 16 or even a 18 milliamp battery
if there's only 1GB of RAM, then it's a joke.
+Mariusz Borkiet There's nothing yet that breaks the 1GB barrier. Sure, Samsung could have pulled off 1.5 or 2GB here, but I think CPU/GPU is more essential here.

If this is a quad, it's probably an Exynos 4412. Still hoping it's a 5450 though, but it's a long stretch.
I would like to have one of these badboys with a slider keyboard like my Samsung Epic 4G. Does anyone know of any high end phones in the works with a keyboard (preferably +Sprint )
I'm not really that impressed. It's not that much of an upgrade from my Galaxy Nexus. I would have liked to see more RAM, and a bigger battery, perhaps like the RAZR MAXX. Wonder if the screen is Super AMOLED+.
I think this is a different Galaxy S variant than the SIII we'll be seeing. Many think this is a mid-range refresh of the SII, because the I-9300 model number is attributed to a Galaxy M - which also coincides with the Project M stated in one of the pictures.

Add to that, Slashgear said the model is a late 2011 model. There could have been significant changes to the internals by now - if this is actually the S III we've been looking for.
I can see this happening. Tech companies are getting ready for Summer and Fall releases. Fresh is best.
That would be nice if is true. Let see when Samsung event comes.
There's just been too much hype now, I'm mildly disappointed by that. Not that it matters..
+Michael Forte Not that much of an upgrade from the Nexus? Considering the GSII is more powerful than the Nexus that statement makes no sense. This will be the most powerful SoC if its true. Even more so then the new iPad.
What are they hiding with the tape at the bottom? I doubt they would hide speakers or put charge contacts on the front. Perhaps carrier branding... no probably not. Any ideas?
Mali 400 GPU is far and away the biggest disappointment on this phone, how can you use an outdated gpu like that on your flagship especially when apple is clearly upping their game in the GPU department. Samsung needed the mali 604 just to match the A5X, now it looks they are sitting in the middle of the pack with the adreno 225 and the tegra 3 in terms of graphics performance
+Steve Hartzog That's what I'm thinking. Here it's covered in grip tape, on Gizmodo's piece it was whited out. Now I'm REALLY curious.
+Dan Gross - All that doesn't matter if the UI is not hardware accelerate. At end of the day we need the UI to be smooth cause specs doesn't matter if we can use it like should be use.
+Dan Gross But will consumers care what GPU is being used in the end? If this can run 720p at 25 frames per second, who's going to sweat over the superior GPU in the iPad? We've seen this before. A lot of people expressed concern over the Galaxy Nexus' GPU as being 3 years old. But it performs just fine for that device.
I am a kind of specs guy but to certain extent cause if the UI is not smooth it wouldn't matter at the end of the day. Usability is important to me. That is what comes down to. 
+Luis Robles Samsung models have had hardware accelerated UI since gingerbread, and ICS and Honeycomb have had enabled by default so the UI will be hardware accelerated and is smooth already on current hardware so I don't think it will be much of an issue.

+Brendan A. MacWade While I agree that Galaxy Nexus does an adequate job but this phone needs to last me two years, so of course I want to maximize specs as much as possible, especially with the jump in GPU and CPU speed, with the transition to A15 and the mali 604. Also, with the rate of androids evolution and its increased dependence on GPU accelerated UI, and the quality of games is coming out, make me want to ensure the best possible GPU as I can get.
+Abe Abrahamian Excellent choice ;) LTE may not be up and running immediately, but at least it will be eventually and the Nexus will have LTE off by default. Good compromise, methinks
+Abe Abrahamian I agree 100% with you that it doesn't make sense to buy a phone without LTE right now, because you know over the course of the 2 years you have the phone that you will make good use of LTE as Sprint expands in coverage. This plays into the reason that I want the best possible hardware to ensure I'm able to run the latest version of Android. Because I bought a Nexus One two years ago and would've gotten frozen on gingerbread if i didn't exclusively run custom ROM. But at the end of the day the custom ICS rom i run can't make up for the shit GPU that's in my phone.
Not so sure this is the next gs3 in sheep's clothing.. This phone needs to survive a full year of assaults from competitors new devices. These specs put it at equal to the one x.. But then again at this point in the game. That's plenty of power to keep things going along smoothly for quite some time.. I was however hoping for less touchgiz.. But I'm a root and rom type guy anyway... I would choose this over the one x because it has sd card slot. As long as the hardware is atleast equal in quality. If not then one x it is for me.
it shows an a7 chip? isn't that meant to be a low power chip not a powerful chip like the a15? Also does the video show the same gpu as the galaxy s2?
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