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How far things have come, eh? #nexus4   #android  
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You've got to love the nexus "family" ;) 
Please make a video of the Nexus Evolution, Thanks
Remember when the Nexus One looked awesome?
+Gregory Benner it still does. I'd take another one if only it had 4x the RAM and a dual/quad-core processor. Still my favorite Nexus phone.
The Nexus S is still the best looking phone though the camera is crap. 
Still using Nexus S +1
Nexus s on the check in with jelly bean
Is the nexus 4 thicker than the GSM international version Of the Galaxy nexus. It Looks thicker how could it be?
I think the N4 is more uniform than the GNex.  The GNex is thinner at one end, but thicker at the "chin".
The N4 has very slight "rims" around the front and back glass. The Verge has a video in which Google designers discuss the attention paid  to the shape, tactile feel, and protection of the glass. Though this little rim is pretty small, it probably makes it look slightly thicker in profile than the rest of the phone. I'm anxious to hold (fondle) this Gorilla Glass 2 front-and-back model ... I imagine it feels pretty spiffy. 
Still liking the curve on the Samsung nexii
Love the curves on my GNex,much like a sportscar has curves to it instead of flat and plain
Android update to ics losses sky go app cos it's not compatible !! How crap is that :'(
My gnex is doing fine so I think i'll skip this iteration. 
I still have and love both the nexus one and galaxy nexus... 
I had a G1 then Nexus One, S,and GNex, probably getting Nexus 4. Can't wait.
Still using my Nexus One here! Well until the 13th anyway ;)
Love the design, and feel of it. I'm going to miss it.
I have all of the nexus phones and still use each of them when i feel like a change. I cant wait to get the nexus 4!
Thank you for these...  I was wondering how they compared... Think you can get some more thickness comparison between Gnex and N4?
This is my next phone!
Where's the G1?  I know it's not 'Nexus' but still...
The 4 will look just as old this time next year when the next one is announced. 
STILL using Google Nexus One with Cyanogenmod 7. A classic!
I wish all students of Agric. faculty, KNUST a happy socialization especially final year students of crops and soil science department
From that back shot, the Nexus S looks the cheapest. 
I'd like a Nexus 4...  what? no LTE?  wtf?  It's almost 2013...
Okay, I'd like an Optimus G...
+Michael Carr  isn't the latest made by LG?
I love my galaxy nexus, but it's sad to see that there is a new nexus... 
Nexus 4 has DC-HSPA+, which is 42Mbps. Three UK is currently rolling it out as well as readying LTE. I think having double my current HSPA+ speed will tide me over until the Nexus 5 and LTE is available on networks other than EE.
fuck that I'm getting an iphone
Weve gone from SD cards, removable batteries and LTE to having none of those. "Droid Does" is now "Droid Did". I am losing faith rapidly... 
A coworker just bought a Galaxy S3, another a Droid Razor Max, and yet my 18 month old Nexus S has a newer OS than either of them. Nexus FTW. 
iphones are for children and parents  : )
My Nexus S broke its face fourwheeling, so I'm rocking my Nexus One again. The battery life is a lot better on my N1 now that my Nexus 7 demands all my attention
My family is the Galaxy family :)
Joe S
i'm disappointed they didn't slash pricing on galaxy nexus during this time between announcement of nexus 4 and availability.  i woulda definitely bought a galaxy.
After owning the Galaxy Nexus, I will most likely never buy a non-Nexus phone again.  I just hope Google isn't going the way of Apple and eliminating options such as MicroSD card slots and removable batteries.

Also, I would prefer an AMOLED screen to LCD.
I'm gonna stick with my Galaxy Nexus for the time being ...can't afford to spend 600+ on a phone I don't need.
i so wish the new nexus was not a lg :-( every so.called high end lg phone i have had was the worst build quality 
Nexus 4.5" please. 20MP camera? Carl Ziess? Or at least an SD slot? 
Nexus rocks . Love android its with Samsung or lg .
Wow, 90+ comments on a single post!!??
Love nexus family have nexus s gonna get nexus 4 and nexus 10.
I don't know how is N4, so apart it I think that N1 is the best manufactured
I have a Nexus One. It does pretty much everything I need. I wish there was a reason to replace it, but there's no good reason.
Dear Santa, I was a good boy all year long ... I just want a NOKIA with ANDROID. :DDD
You have to ask yourself whether you're getting a real improvement. Otherwise you're just feeding the obsolescence monster.  
Apparently not far enough, it looks like the iPhone 4 blown up...Glass front and glass back, no thanks...hope you all enjoy your phone though. 
Who can send me one of those.. god will pay you back
I've only had nexus one :-( but been android since G1 days and no changing it for nothing.... :D 
Four phones to rule them all and in the darkness bind them.
Im so buying the nexus 4 and nexus 7 tablet
I feel guilty updating from my S2 to the Nexus4. Updating from S3.. That's pretty excessive. 
Looks Sexier and Sexier!
my nexus one is my back up phone is still one heck of a capable smartphone at gb 2.3.4
They are becoming more and more sexy every time. Keep up all the great work Google!!
I have nexus one and galaxy nexus right s and nexus 4 to very much nexus family

The nexus 4 looks much slicker than the Samsung nexi
Htc awesome ! Samsung even better !! Lg :/ and its gone.
Beautiful devices! I wish they had it released in India 
I'm typeing this on my Nexus One right now and can't wait till my Nexus 4 arives. I'm Nexus for life.
wonder what Nexus 5 would look like... my guess is 5 inch screen with no border frame ^_^
That Nexus S looks used :)
Chris T
I've owned every last one of these and will own the N4 when it drops. 
dorio x
I'm going to buy one. Maybe next year
Loved my nexus one, one of the best breakthrough phones to hit the market. The sales on it weren't high at all, but to the people who did buy it, I think it changed there minds on what a smartphone should be. I have a SG S 2 now, but will definitely be buying a nexus 4 when it comes out. 
Nexus One was best. Samsung's nexuses didn't live up to first one.
I don't like any mobile without galaxy s3or note 2 
Still have my nexus one and dont forget the g1 even tho it wasnt a nexus it was the ice breaker. 
I dont see anything special about the Nexus 4, I cant believe people like it so much
Loved the Nexus One. Not sure why Google spread it our so much
Love my Verizon galaxy Nexus.  Almost 2 years old and still the one to beat.  
Love it! I had 3 of those. Only skipped the Nexus S!
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