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Andy Rubin let's everyone know he's hanging around a while -- and that there's almost a million new Android activations every day.
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That's pretty impressive. I absolutely love my phone. Android is so great. The only bad part about it is how manufacturers can put whatever they want on the phone... But there's a simple fix for that.
Ah Scoble, chieftain of the Internet rumors are fact machine.
+Mark Potter More then likely; each device is counted once not each person (in the normal since). I guess each device is ID'd in some way when it is first activated and that ID doesn't change when you flash ROMs. Idk
Regardless it means people buying boatloads of cellular enabled Android devices.
I remember back when Google was activating 250k a day and people were floored by that number. Even Steve Jobs questioned it. I have a feeling he's rolling over in his grave on a daily basis.
So in 10 years everyone will have an android phone?
I had bought 3 phones since Android came out. And will be bound to get the gs3 which will count as my 4th. So yeah, i think that number is right. There are billions of people worldwide. 900000 is achievable considering how popular android is.
900,000 people make a smart decision every day!
+Mark Potter absolutely fair. I think sometimes people forget those aren't necessarily unique people, but either way it IS a huge number of sold, cellular enabled devices :)
I'm getting the sgs3 also... Samsung will out sell the iPhone very soon just watch...
We just ordered two GS3's, white for my wife, black for me. Love Android, Chrome, Google and the company's philosophy.
Gs3 is white or blue.
Download "MUtility" from Google Play...its a nice app to have...
Android is awesome!!! Im not surprised i have the galaxy s2 And the galaxy nexus And i love them both.
Android is awesome... Now it seems like its in me...
needs improviseation on structure chioce interests equals recomendations of apps also end of paging new introduction equals history with most applyed applications giving automated demand should page end occure
 I have Purchased new Samsung Tab 10.1. But the problem is I am not able to download any kind of application to this, also I have tried all things.. Kindly help me how to clear this problem.
900,000 a day lol winning
+Arun Thoras , have you tried hard reset (Settings - Backup and reset - Factory reset) or firmware updating (somewhere in Settings - About phone) ?
+Arun Thoras Sorry Arun, don't want to patronise or to condescend you - but just to avoid trivial mistake: have you been able to login into your Google account properly and to access "Google Play" under your user name?
i wonder if they will make some huge event when they reach 1 million? maybe then it will be an "official' number.
Hello Hector, Thanks a lot for your reply. I am happy to see your reply. Yes i have log into Google play under my user name but still i am not able to download any kind of applications.
+Arun Thoras Then I'd try "factory reset" as proposed by +Vanya Kokorev If this fails, best support can be obtained at "xda-developers" in the device specific forum. You should definetly try it over there. Regards!
Sorry Hector, Its show me error after resting also :(  
+Arun Thoras OK, there are probably plenty of methods to solve this, but the one least time and effort consuming - is to bring it back where you bought it and to get a new device. If you feel confident, you might go through the whole "menue" of rooting/flashing as described at XDA, but then again if something goes wrong - you could have problems with the warranty.
+Don russ, you are completely right!  I ordered two white phones, and then immediately ordered a white and black covers, so I mistakenly said the phone was black.  I kinda wish they offered it in black, or a dark grey/graphite ... but white is fine. 
Thanks Hector,, I feel there is Internet problem also,, and its been just a week old,,, so let me get good net connection then i will give the update ;) Once again... thank you bro... Have a nice day ahead. God Bless you and your fmly.. 
You are welcome, even though we didn't solve the problem (yet). I have Galaxy Tab 10.1 since one year and never had a problem with it. So take it easy - it will work...
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