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Ahh, when phones had a reasonable sized screen & could actually fit in your pocket. I miss the good 'ol days.....
Does it have a titanium back? I think that's a huge selling point...bahahahhah
I'm still using mine. I NEED A NEW NEXUS!!!!
I had this phone back in the day, it was incredible. 
I want it so bad, but I have to remind myself that I have a #Nexus4  coming on Monday. Still, I always loved that phone. If it came in the retail box with the legendary pouch, I would totally pull the trigger. 
Still have mine so I'm good haha. Best phone I've ever owned.
i actually want to cancel my order but this site doesnt have a way to do that. idk if im missing something -__-
I still have my nexus one!
Not a single nexus device is officially available in India 
I still have 2 Nexus One's. One is broken tho and I also have 2 G1's. 
Still got mine.  It's easily one of my favorite phones of all time.  Even bought one of the sleeves for my +Nexus 4  like the one that came with the +Nexus  One with the +Android logo on it.
I'm still on my good old Desire. Every time I hold another phone in my hand when trying to decide between an HTC one and whatever, I fondle the desire with in the other hand - and say Nah, I'll wait a bit longer. Best phone ever. 
Too bad I can't get one outside the states.
boo Jay
It truly was the best Nexus ever made for its time. There has yet to be any build to match the quality and specs for a single generation than the HTC Desire/Nexus One.

It's a shame +HTC decided to water down their flagship brand. This is the primary reason why they're tumbling in a downward spiral with very little hope for a revival with their current lineups.
I still use Google / HTC Nexus One
Had too much hardware problems with my Nexus One. Beware :-)

The most annoying is the capacitive keys are a bit off a few mm. And the battery dying on 17% instead of 0%... touch response is also poor. I've tried every possible way to fix it via software but to no avail.
I ordered mine. I really wanted one of these when they came out, but I'm on Sprint and I couldn't switch at the time. Now I'm done with my contract and I'm going to use this to see if Tmobile works better for me.
It would be a great second phone for me. Unfortunately they don't ship to my country. Having a nexus one as second phone for 80$+shipping would be a killer. 
For me, the perfect phone. Still using mine daily and it will soon be three years old. Now paired with my N7, not even N4 can tempt me away. N1 is just the right size, very well built and just works.
I still use my two N one's. Great dock. Great BT music player, Great groove ip calling device without sim. 
My Nexus One is very much alive and running MIUI JB. I use it for my roaming number so my family and friends from the Philippines can text me without getting broke.
Will it work with mobile networks in India?
I have this phone and it is serving me well. Thanks to +CyanogenMod   can get the most of the hardware.
+Ernest Marvin Esteban Battery dying at 17% - Happens to me too. But after 2 and half years of using it.
Anyway - great phone. Still have one for testing ROMs.
Believe me, as an owner of an N1 which was in service right up until October this year, when I replaced it with a Note 2, you really don't want to be spending $80 on a Nexus One. I liked it a lot over those 2.5 years I owned it, but after trying a fast 2012 phone, I could never go back. Mine has entered my phone museum and will remain there.
I had one... to type on it was shit. Can't wait to get my nexus 4 though... if Google ever sort out there inventory problems! Way to ruin my 13th of November! Thanks google
JUST stopped using mine 2 weeks ago after upgrading to the Note2.  I'll miss it, really felt good in the hand, but as +Derek Davies says, once you've used a modern phone, you can't go back, even though Cyanogenmod made a fantastic job of keeping it going.
Amusing, I also had CM on it and upgraded to Note 2. Great minds think alike :)
I superceded my Nexus One the day the I seriously needed it and the battery was struggling - as usual - I wouldn't even use as a spare due to this very sad issue on a great phone.
I'm using my Nexus One right now typing this comment! 
Great phone. I have JB running on mine fine on a custom ROM. And I've never had any problems with it. Go for it!
I will stick with iPhone 5 with my LTE network running at 44.8 Mbps 
me too... still have my N1... will keep it as it has my name engraved on it
If only they could ship it to my country. :(

I have this ambition of having all Nexus devices and put them all in a showcase in my room. This would make a great addition since I can't find one that in good condition here.. Oh, well..
I'm just curious when read "it will never get Jelly Bean".
The numerous articles I read in the past let me tough the trademark "Nexus" was literally a standard, and the most basic form of Android phone and that any pure Android firmware would work on it. Was it wrong?
+Vincent Etienne Yes, it was wrong. The nexus line started with the nexus one and it doesn't ship with the required hardware to run ICS (or above), it's closer in spec to the G1 than the rest of the nexus line to be honest. It's actually the sole reason I moved from the One to the Galaxy Nexus. The One is still being used by my wife, and it's still as solid as ever. :)
it's only a pitty the little RAM... but a great phone
The Nexus One was my first Android device, so I have very fond memories of it, but I don't think the specs can go toe-to-toe with today's expectations. Plus, I see people mention stellar build quality, but after a year, the power button wouldn't work anymore. Normal use just wore it down. It was still just inside of the manufacturer warranty period though, so I was able to get a refurbished unit. But when I finally upgraded and gifted the Nexus One to my sister-in-law, she reported the same issues after a similar amount of time.
Anything nexus is worth $80, I'd buy nexus cola for $80!
Just upgraded to n4 n1 still a great phone
Damn, I just got a Note 2 but I wanted a backup phone for when I'm doing things where I don't want to damage the Note. I picked up a used Palm Pixi for a little webOS nostalgia, but I'd much rather have this...
Yeah Google has successfully broken Apple and taken their place as the label for dummies now.
Despite really wanting a Nexus 4, and typing this on a Nexus 7. When people say Nexus I think of the Nexus One in my pocket. I think I'll miss it when I'm finally able to order the Nexus 4.
I liked my N1 but the power button broke on me very quickly and found memory too small with too few apps movable to SD card. Best thing about it, it got me onto android phones
I still use my Nexus One, I put it back into service when my Nexus S broke.
I'm still using my nexus one too! No complaints other than the small internal storage. Coming up on three years old now and can keep up with most phones. Wish I could find another sleeve the original one came with!
Hw much will it cst in india? any ideas..
The Huawei is 10x worse and it's 100$
Well my nexus 4 is in limbo I would have gotten this if I knew
damn it! Sold out! 
No matter how old n1 is, it still a Nexus device! One of the most powerful phone in its time. Salute!
Dust under the screen within a few weeks, a failed power button, the worst speaker on earth, one of the worst cameras around on a high end smartphone at the time AND it was practically impossible to read in sunlight. This comes from an era where HTC made phones that felt great but had extra shitty internal components. Sadly, as their hardware has shifted up a notch they've gradually lost customers to Samsung and Apple. 
This probably has the Same specs as the iPhone 5 oh wait iPhone 5 has a larger screen therefore that makes it revolutionary haha
And for those that are quit to jump on me on specs I was just being sarcastic
#HighOnAndroid all day
On the subject of iPhones, the iPhone 3GS was released six months before this and is still being updated to the latest OS (albeit with a few slimmed-down features). I hope we are coming to an age where Android devices will receive similar support. Does anyone remember the last official update the Nexus One actually got? 
+Leon Buxton have you tried a 3GS with all the updates? I know 2 people who switched to Android because of it. I'm pretty sure if you really wanted (and most people don't care) you could flash a JB ROM onto the N1.
Sorry, was just saying! I'm as much of an Android Fanboy as anyone. I'll be getting an N4 as soon as I can lay my hands on one. Every time I lament the lack of support Android has compared with iOS I think of how Windows Phone users must feel and it cheers me up no end! 
+Leon Buxton I'm not trying to argue, it just irks me when people say that even though older Apple devices are pretty much in the same boat as older Nexii.
I can agree with how slow carriers bring about updates which can actually affect the average consumer. Hoping that situation changes.
Still have my Nexus One and sitting here with my GNex and Nexus 4 & 7! (Had the Nexus S and sold it). Nexus ftw!!!!

Btw, I'm surprised at all of the comments actually wanting the smaller screens back. I can't type on that tiny thing to save my life after having the modern Nexii. To each their own I guess!! It did feel great in the hand though.
+Jon Vales Agreed. I really wish that GS3 mini would have had matching specs for the crowd that does want a smaller screen. 
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