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Will all application will run in android too?
Honestly speaking, I think that there wont be too much benefit for end users... In what (practical) way will this make OEM's lives easier?
Shouldn't the penguin be inside the Android? Just saying...
The immediate benefit is probably nil, however it does allow better integration between Android and non-Android Linux programming. For example, you should be able to more easily cross-compile Linux utilities for Android or take advantage of Android hooks in desktop Linux.

Sadly, this isn't a quick fix to allow you to run something like Gimp on Android easily, but it may make things easier to do things like AndroiX which, I believe, seeks to put a native Linux window manager on Android devices. More practically it would allow you to have a single branch for utilities that work under Linux and Android natively instead of having a separate fork for the Android version.

Also remember, most Android devices today are ARM-based, which means you'll need to make sure someone's bothered to compile your app for ARM first. Maybe the +Ubuntu move into dual-booting Ubuntu on phones will get them to add ARM support for PPAs which would be a great way to increase the ARM-available software.
+Anuj Ahooja Not in this case, the android additions are a tiny part of the mainline kernel. If we were talking about android switching the kernel to Linux then yes the penguin should be inside android.
Hopefully this will make the Ubuntu for Android project run a bit more smoothly, I'm excited at the prospect of being able to run a full fledged desktop os simply by hooking my phone to an hdmi monitor/tv, it could completely negate my need to have a laptop
+Clinton Baldridge, sadly the Launchpad PPA doesn't support ARM as of now:

The really sad thing is that all the stuff I have on my PPA is in a scripting language, supporting ARM doesn't even need a recompile. However, recompiling for ARM is pretty easy if you know how. The real issue is making sure the repositories have precompiled stuff and getting some method for individual users to distribute their own contributions (which is what Launchpad should allow us to do, but not for ARM). Even still, this is mostly good today for running Linux in a chroot environment or for the Ubuntu native Linux solution.

There is also no real X server implementation for native Android, that's what AndroiX hopes to fix. However you can get X running in a chroot environment with a formal ARM-based distro and then VNC into it.
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