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Boarding passes, destination weather -- Google Now's getting even better for travelers.
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Can you dictate a text to Google Voice now?  I see that's updated, too.  Previously it would only send over the stock SMS app.
Just tested.  Yes, you can finally dictate a text message over Google Voice.  Grab both app updates.
It's just getting better. A very solid reason to get on Jelly Bean.
+Scott Mathison you could pick either the stock app or GV, but GV never actually sent it (at least not in all the times I tried).  It now successfully sends over the GV app.

I don't have a text plan and use GV solely, so I'm happy this has been updated.
+Mike DePaul that's the experience I had as well, and I'm in the same situation (no text plan). This is an awesome update.
Difficulty recognizes when you ask, scan a barcode 
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