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+Eric Hauth Gave them an honorable mention in the racing section. Just a bit too samey to other Temple Run-style titles to make the top three, but still a ton of fun. 
+Jan Schimanski I had actually downloaded that while in the middle of writing this, but didn't have a chance to check it out. Might throw 'em an honorable mention after I tidy up the post a bit. 
+Simon Sage Sounds greate and i`m pretty sure you`ll like this game too ;). Easy gameplay, nice and sweet graphics, endless fun and not one oft this game where it wount make sense to start playing when you only have 10 mins oft time ^^
Yes! Plague inc. is up there, best game in the play store imo.
Weird...Baseball Superstar asked for root access!! Denied!!
when will Google tv get these. c'mon

Dead trigger FTW! Nexus 7 and ps3 controller = win
+Jan Schimanski Okay, played it for a bit, and you're right, super-awesome game. ALMOST tempted to bump out Radiant Defense for it... Maybe for the next time I give the post a big update. 
+Simon Sage  I really hoped you like it :D But I mean. It's not harde to not like this game ;P
Two of my most favorite words used in one sentence. "Free" and "Games". . . . . FTW! ^,..,^
Great little war game and great big war game.Awesome on Nexus 7,can't wait to play it on Nexus 10.
Glad to see Beach Buggy Blitz. My favorite game on Android by far.
Sweet!!! Dead trigger is the shit
This is just what I need for all the NEXUS 7s that I am giving as gifts
I recently installed "Team Awesome'' (free)...Fun gaming with good graphics..Awesome!
Quality compilation. Disagree with a couple but I definitely cannot complain. Thanks
Call of mini zombies and snipers
I'm curious, having not yet read the article, are these also no in app purchase? 
dorio x
like free games
+Mary Rysdale Nah, most of them hinge on IAPs, I've been getting requests for a list of IAP-less games, which are really hard to find. 
To be honest... ATTN GAME DEVS ....
I'd rather have a two tier game, in which you get a free and lengthy game (at least 6-20 hrs game play) to really see if you like it, and then a decent price, of say $6-8 to open the game up. I'd even be willing to "subscribe" once a year to update or continue those levels at the same value or perhaps a bit more if the game is improved.

I basically don't pay IAPs, ever. If the game cannot be enjoyed with out them, how am I to know if I am throwing money down a drain? I'd rather "rent" the game for unlimited play for a specific period of time, say 3-6 months.

I hope that these ideas are fiscally possible for game devs.
So, I think the devs that are doing it right are the ones that make sure IAPs are entirely optional. I think a lot of players assume that to have any fun, you have to have all of the things, and that's just not true. Team Fortress 2 is an example of a PC game that's doing it right: the items that are exclusively available through microtransactions are extremely minimal. The vast majority of them you can get if you play the game enough. Games that have a separate "premium currency" that you have to get for exclusive items are an example of what's wrong. 

Ultimately, I don't think we can really blame game devs for capitalizing on the impatience of players.
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