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Oooooo. And Verizon just dropped word that the update starts next week.
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S3????????? Come on Verizon
This means that we can hopefully see an update for the Canadian RAZR HD LTE on Rogers very soon!!

I'm excited to see the updated UI from either at any rate.
Lol company doesn't like being dictated what to do. "It''ll be released when it's ready, or not!" Lol
Damn I was hoping for 4.2 but I guess this will do though. 
Hoping it too will be along promptly for the RAZR HD in Canada (xt925) as well.... really missed having Google Now. Plus there is a few OS stutters and minor screen glitches that need patching. about the stinkin' update for the SIII??
Dose this include the razr maxx non hd? Or do they say its two different phone even though the only difference is the screen?
+paul melanson the difference is more than the screen... This Jelly Bean update does not refer to the RAZR MAXX. 
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