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I think this is a huge step against piracy. This should've happened a long time ago.
Send one my way kind sir! Plz haha
+Richard Surjadi at least the Nexus 7 is a physical object there... Here in Singapore, all we see are bits and bytes :(
Singapore isn't that much better off heh
Finally!! This will really help boost the play store!
where do you get them????  I was just thinking about this.  They have the gift card racks at Stop and Shop and it's covered with iTunes crappy gift cards.
+Richard Surjadi I don't think they deliberately restrict to the US. Local laws and policies might need to be worked around first, I believe. You can't simply ship something to another country without permission or clearance.. 
Yup.. hopefully they can speed up that process :) We're all losing out
I'm sure I'll be receiving one of these for Christmas
finally! I know lots of people that dont download apps because they dont want to put their credit cards online.
Release these in Hong Kong and I'll start paying for apps tomorrow =)
I have a lot of older friends (who are still afraid of using credit cards on the internet) who would love this! 
In other news: a secondary market opens for droid-shaped gift card holders.
bankeylalsharma 879youmyfriendsare
Now all Google have to do is increase the content selection in the Play Store.
Yes! I hope they bring this to Mexico, this was one of the reasons I was skeptical about getting an Android
yeah I think they will probably start bringing this to other countries as well.
Thank goodness! I've been missing out on all sorts of free music because I refuse to give you my actual credit card number.
    Folks, I'm tired of the masses having to suck up to "Android," or "I-stuff."  
    Not saying their bad products, but some of us ain't exactly,"swimming in money," now days.  The devices are expensive for a lot of us, and so we are forced to be on the sidelines of the "App," world.
    Anyone else feel like they'er being herded into product markets, or else left out of the loop?
G'morning g+ what can I bring to the table today, so we can get opinions from some of you today? How about I am sick and tired of the christian population being attacked 'cause of the way they believe? What happened to " Tolerance", or is that only for all the other religions?
Lets bring back the stupid people boycotting Chik A Filet, do they understand that the company or the owner does not discriminate, he has gay people working and eating at his establishments, People he has a right to his beliefs just as you do, so what the hell is your problem? Please give me your feed back on your religeous belief!!
NICE! Now I can give these to my wife so she can stop pestering me to "buy me a new game"
What?!really?since when? waiting here in philippines.
Can this be used in Singapore? Please i need answers ASAP.
perfect timing, got my daughter a Nexus 7 for her bday coming up in Sept. and this was one area i was really scratching my head about.
+Mohamad Fairus =/ Who knows?!?!?! It's not even in US stores yet! And I'm sure as long as you can get a code, you can use it. It doesn't make sense to block gift cards just because it's not from the US.
Your difficulty would be getting your hands on one such card.
I doubt they can be used in Singapore given China and Google's past relations. Pure speculation though. Not based on any type of fact
SCHWEEET!!! now to get that CC off my account!
Let me remember my old online game days....
Now we'll just have to wait a few more years for Google to release anything outside the US.
hooray for Seinfeld references!
Thanks +Swee Sien Lim .Im getting a nexus 7 from the US and i hope that the google $25 credits can be used in Singapore
+cody parnell , Singapore is not China and is not related to china! FYI, go to google earth and type in Singapore and you can see that Singapore is not beside China!
Thank god. Finally my siblings can start to understand I don't want an iTunes gift card
where is my nexus 7,,,,,still on the way,,,,,,
+Richard Surjadi how in the world do you guys think these is Googles fault are that they are intentionally restricting services? When these services are announced its for the markets that are already to go and in other countries you have to not only deal with your government but partners as well which may restrict certain content and until an agreement is reached no one wins.
I think I need to beta test a few of these
I love Google play and the Google store but just because I don't live in the states I can't experience its full abilities stop limiting because I am not from the U.S my money is just as good
Sweet. Now they need more content. Let's go google.
Finally.... been asking about this for years
I think this is great. This will only help Google Play in sales.
OMG I was just talking about this the other day with +Melaney Leidigh I think. What a crazy random happenstance.
I want some of that in Europe!
I hope these wankers in Brussels don't slow things down again though
Aaron G
About damn time!
hy vicky i am dk happy indepandent day,
Ken S
No I don't
Keep it up Google. Finally looking to kill Apple
Apple is watching they are making arrangements to sue!
+Mohamad Fairus Oh that $25? I think you can use it once you proxy into the US. Although I'm certain you won't have to proxy just to spend the $25 they gave. I mean, after all, it's tied to your account right? I hope it'll work for you! Good luck!

If it doesn't.. well.. don't be sad. Google Play will eventually expand to Singapore. Or if you're going to the States for a holiday or work or whatever, remember you still have $25 to use :)
wait, what?  Relevance of this aside, are you asking us when white christian men will finally have a voice in this country?
Well, some of us got the reference.
Its about time lol. Like it was annoying using a credit card.
Sweet! When we can expect the prepaid cards for Play Store?
This plus Google actually opening a shopping site...  I see an Amazon competitor in the making/..
My Professor Farnsworth implant just played "Good news, everyone!" in my head.

Totally worth the 4-hour surgery, 2-week recovery time and memory loss of the first 7 years of my life.
This will be great for kids who don't have credit cards.
I hope Apple didn't patent gift cards..
Given that each Nexus 7 has been given with a free $25 to spend in the market, this was definitely possible -- and now made physical.  Glad for that.
11 is what percent of 564
Gift cards stink. Only two things can happen - people are cheap so they spend most but not all the money. Free cash to whoever sold the gift card! Alternatively, the person getting the gift card has to fork over extra so they can use the entire gift card, which is kind of a letdown since it's supposed to be a gift card.
I hope I can buy some with PayPal. Instantly solving the problem of not being able to buy on the store with it. Google would probably have had over $100 from me in apps over the last 2.5 years, but because of no PayPal, they've had $0.
< Doing the Homer "omg omg" dance
Ildar T
give me give me give me
Jon P
Never bought from Google store because I refuse to use a credit card on Android because I am not sure if it is safe to,now I will buy with these new cards,they should have been available years ago..
How to get one? Someone advice.
The iTunes cards are "everywhere!". Google needs to match Apple's availability regarding gift cards…
Google, if you are out there listening... Make them available at best buy and I'll my Reward Zone points will be spent in the Play Store!
Google Android defeated I phone and all Its releases In India.Why Should it Care About the cards +Jon Petrauskas .Its Safe using credit card via play store
Nafees ahmad mau nathbhanjan up. 275101
Hell, wii has point cards, as well as:platstation, xbox, minecraft lol, wait; all nintendo devices that are new, its about time for google play where are they sold ?
This will definitely encourage me to buy more from play store as you are more n control of your spending.
That is a great idea :-)
I don't want to use my card so ideal for me, but also great for teenagers to control spending, or as rewards.
Finally now i can buy legal android apps. I agree with you guys, it was a major reason why piracy in android exists.
Neil Vj
Wow so much better looking than that drab itunes card, sure to stand out in the stores. Can't wait for them too work around the EU so I can get my hands on some of their hardware as well
Useless until Google Play arrives here in Panamá.
"They are way more "beautiful" than those ugly #itunes gift cards"

"Wow so much better looking than that drab itunes card,"

Are you kidding me right now?  Are Google fans that ridiculous that they are actually talking about how a fucking gift card is better than another gift card? Seriously?

so their at barnes and nobile?
How do you know they are real?
We need some of that here on Peru!!
Why don't they add a gifting system, like Steam?
wow but wastin money on tht seriously?
every i am new to g+ i dont know how to use it 
so pleae tell me how to use it properly
Most people are annoyed by these 'spam-like' emails.
Awesome...would love to see them here in Australia
I hear alot of folks say they were afraid to give Google their credit card number. Why? Does that mean you never purchase anything online? NEVER! These cards seem to be a good idea but I was truly surprised at how many folks would NEVER use their credit card to buy things from the Play Store. Has there been a security issue I'm not aware of? Has anyone's card number ever been stolen? Is it not secure? Is the problem using your credit card number ANYWHERE online or is it specifically trusting Google with it? I'm curious.
Gra Ro
Brilliant! Just Brilliant!
Awesome. I know this will undoubtly be beneficial to those who do not have credit and/or are wary on using credit online. This will be beneficial for all. Consumers, developers and Google. But why did Google take so long ?
clap*clap sigh Good job Google a Giftcard I can touch!!!
They should sell these at 7-11, for those who want to buy apps but don't want to register their credit card on the Internet.
i don't know how to get my nexus 7 $20 credit ,when i buy something in play store ,it prompt out a setup for google wallet, but i don't have a valid card for this. anyone can help?
They should make the cards RFID. Even more amazing.
Yo Google i love the products you guys give but Plz make the content more accessible for your foreign buyers i am using android tablets for the past 3 years i just don't like apples but some how i feel limited with the new play store i click links and it tells me i cant access it in my country. if anyone out there have the same problems and feel the same plz say sum
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