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Why use a Galaxy Nexus car dock when you can use a desktop dock ... in the car.
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this is more like my og droid car dock. think i might do this. don't know why i never thought of it. thanks.
I like it. There is nowhere to put it in mine but I do like the idea.
So can the VZW Nexus fit in there......I don't understand why my phone has these dock connectors with no dock
btw, i know the car dock works with the slight mod with the lte nexus, same goes with car dock?
nm, a google search unfortunately answered my question
Whoohoo! The very best way to set yourself up for your early demise! 
+Richard Siebold how slight? Jam a piece of paper behind it or shave a quarter of a millimeter off my back cover slight.....
The perfect car dock is my car dock. It's a palm touchtone attached to a old Thunderbolt mount. I put 8 tiny high powered magnets in the back of my phone and not only does it wirelessly charge but it holds my phone in place.
Been doing this for a long time now on my nexus s
Does anyone know if it works with the Verizon Galaxy Nexus?
I have been looking. No definite answer on whether the landscape dock works for VZW GNex.
Someone should take one for the team and buy one so they can let us know!
"Why not?" Cause I do not have that flat space on my dash and the desktop dock doesn't have the NFC car dock tag
I've seen a few posts that the landscape dock for the GSM Galaxy Nexus is too tight for the slightly thicker LTE Galaxy Nexus and the phone will be pushed up away from the contacts after a little bit.  HOWEVER, there are people who have made it fit by sanding down the inside area of the dock a bit.
Just a heads up, your mobile site doesn't scale images correctly on a Galaxy Nexus.
Yeah this approach does work great. But really those Samsung docks are incredibly expensive! I just installed the inductive charging mod on my Galaxy Nexus (for like $20) and am using a palm touchstone with bluetooth connection to my car radio, so no dock really and no wires.  When I had my G1 I did this same thing with a desktop dock on the dash (actually had to wire up my own charge and music dock because they didn't exist). 
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