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My concern with no LTE support has never been the faster speeds; I usually only have 3G anyway. GSM carriers simply have no coverage in my area, so this nexus isn't even an option.
+Google  and +Google Nexus Line  Tell Us Please,  Why would this phone be offered Only on T-Mobile - the absolute WORST Carrier In The Universe ?  I think you just don't like us do you ?  Please Respond to This Question as it's not Rhetorical but Actual.
So I'm pulling 20mb down on T-Mobile.... Why do we need LTE again?
+Chris M I get that a lot of people feel no LTE is a deal breaker, but I live in the U.S. and don't need LTE, I don't own this phone (yet) but I would love to. If removing LTE means lower cost and more "open" then I'm 100% all for it. Besides, HSDPA+ is plenty fast for some. +RE Ausetkmt  As for why it's only offered on T-Mobile, I don't think that's up to Google actually. Typically a manufacturer (in this case Google, though LG makes it) shops the phone around, a carrier usually has some demands and they come to an agreement. I would not be surprised if AT&T did not want a Nexus device given that Nexus devices let you sideload, tether and video chat without any carrier lockdown.
+Usama Ahmad I couldn't have said it any better. The phone is simply amazing. HSPA+ in my area is simply a beast. Then again anything is a beast coming from Sprint. If you are able to get your hands on it, you won't be dissapointed. 
+Chris M I can agree with you on that. Though Google wants us to store in the cloud, I don't think that's quite feasible for everyone. 16/32 would've been much better.
I could care less about LTE or having massive onboard storage. I almost always have a data connection, so I have no need to store music on my phone. All my photos are backed up into Dropbox once they are taken and I hardly play games on my phone. I have my N7 and Transformer Pad for games and other entertainment. An 8GB N4 would be ideal for me! 

+Ryann Lorenzo I have a buddy that lives in an area with T-Mo HSPA+ 42, and he averages like 32mb down on his GNex. Much faster than my HOX on an LTE network, which gets maybe 12mb down.
+RE Ausetkmt It's easy. Why would a carrier offer it if it's not going to make the same money it does with other phones?
+Brad Tarpley That is simply insane! Sorry but I'll take HSPA+ over the insane battery drain that is LTE any day. How do you know when you are in a HSPA+ 42 area?
I must stop reading the N4 reviews. My sole concern with it is the back -- and even then I'll likely throw it in a TPU case. That's if if if I can actually justify spending the cash on it when I have a Gnex that's barely 7 months old and working fine. LTE in Canada is only in very specific high population areas, and won't be near me for probably a year yet. 16gb storage is fine (I haven't maxed out my Gnex, usually sit about 60%-75% capacity). 

Great review +Alex Dobie. You make me want this phone even more 
I hate waiting. I have the money just sitting there. Google needs to get more stock. I want a nexus 4.
I just got the Optimus G, it's an incredible phone. Supposedly the 4.2 upgrade is suppose to come in December, that will make it even better. I honestly only miss Google Now but the the phone is so impressive 4.0 is fine. I also have the option to root when a stable rom is available. I will miss Nexus this go round. 
T-Mobile has been the best carrier for me. Always perfect connection. Verizon and sprint sucked.
Could someone who uses lte regurarly please tell me the practical advantages over hspa+?
What wallpaper is on the pic?
Which wallpaper is this?? Can someone post a link?
+Josh Harvill I haven't seen any practical advantages. In my area, LTE isn't drastically faster than hspa+ (typically about 2Mbps difference.) LTE drinks my VZW GNex battery fast enough that I'd happily trade it for a GSM GNex if I weren't under contract for another year (by then, I plan to be diving into the next Nexus phone.)
Thanks..... I already set it as my wallpaper
+Ryann Lorenzo Thanks - I looked and SimpleMobile is $50. a month prepaid and uses the Nexus. Geeee... Maybe I might think a lil harder about that Nexus Upgrade.
+Phil Nickinson I bought my first Nexus phones from Google; not T-Mobile.  I thought T-Mobile would eventually offer a subsidized model; but No Go.  T-Mobiles' service honestly sucks eggs in my opinion as a customer for 9+ years. I left them for a prepaid plan and have never been more satisfied with my speed. service well, I think paying T-Mobile to be nice nasty to me at a slower speed just isn't worth it in the trade off.  I'll check into other carriers and decide when and if a new nexus is in my future. thx for the reply. 
What i would like to see made available to android is cloud storage that integrates into the filesystem and can be browsed just like a sdcard etc 
+Usama Ahmad Thanks Much. I'll be watching to see if any carriers with reasonably priced plans offer it in the future; with good 4g in my major coverage areas.  I am a bi coastal commuter and that's part of the problem. I need a carrier with good service all over, instead of just here and there.  T-Mobile is not so hot in the southern us; therefore not a good choice for me.
Eddie N
I have been a T-Mobile subscriber for close to seven years and I have few if any complaints with it, so I don't get the hate that some people seem to have with it. I also have a Galaxy Nexus so I don't really need a Nexus 4. I'm a little miffed that the N4 doesn't have a user-replaceable battery (the same reason why I will never get an iPhone, ever), and it doesn't have a microSD card slot, and it doesn't have a 32GB RAM version. If all of those deficiencies are rectified, I may consider getting one. 
+Eddie N even the galaxy nexus doesn't have Micro SD card slot.....
I was one of the lucky ones that was able to order the16gb model the first day. Great device. Horribly buggy software 4.2 is turning out to be. Two of the largest complaints I have so far are the bluetooth call quality (I can hear them but the other party reports "muddled" quality in their end - same bt headset on a different android phone and also an old iphone 4 just moments later with same caller the result is "crystal clear and worlds better), and battery life.

I'm about ready to contact Google for an return authorization and just return the device. While I can overlook A LOT, I'm very tired of the constant bluetooth issues I've faced with Android. This, as they say, is a deal breaker for me.
Otherwise, LG did an outstanding job on the hardware, save one thing. Placing the phone back down on a flat surface (such as my kitchen counter) attenuates the speaker output to the point of being unusable! While I understand that the design of the phone demanded a flat glass back, why put the speaker on the back of the device and not an edge? I guess it was simply a matter of design tradeoffs. Nonetheless, it is rather annoying at times. 
+Grant Powers Right now you'd do better to put it on eBay. People are chomping at the bit for this phone and would happily buy one for more than $350 and less than T-Mo's $500. They get a high-end super phone cheap (under $600) and you get compensated for your trouble. 
Eddie N
Has iFixit or anyone else like them done a breakdown of the Nexus 4? Even though the battery may not be designed to be user-replaced, maybe if I find out where to get a bigger one, I could take the N4 off of +Grant Powers 's hands and replace the battery when I want to :)
+Eddie N Yeah, they have and apparently they found an LTE radio in it that, with a setting change, works on certain networks.
Nexus 4 has very great service. WiFi is better than the gnex. The nexus 4 far exceeds my expectations. I love this phone.its not a hassle to use and its my favorite phone. On hspa+ it is flawless and runs hard. No reason not to get it with T-Mobile : D I give it a 10 out of 10
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