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In the interest of fairness, it pisses me off when I NEED to have "insert account here" to use a certain app.

I was pissed at Spotify for forcing users to sign up with facebook and I am equally pissed that Zagat forces me to sign up using a G+ account.

Please stop doing that.
+Michael Fournier Zagat is owned by Google and integrated into Google plus, so essentially it is a Google service, as such they want to collect your data to make it better and give better recommendations.   Why wouldn't they have you use your Goggle account?
Of course they want my data, and I understand why they want me to use my Google account, +Marlon Thompson , but I simply don't think it should be a requirement to use their application.

So what about everyone that doesn't have a G+ account?  Should they be forced to sign up just because they want to use Zagat ratings?
Jonny W
Why is this app not available in Canada?  Do we not have Zagat rated restaurants here??
While true, +Markus Birth , it still doesn't solve the problem of those who would like to use the Zagat app without being required to sign up for another service, be it FB, G+, etc....
From a user perspective, a workaround is not a solution.
But +Michael Fournier Zagat is now a google "service" they consider it like gmail, calendar or docs. Once you use any of their google services you will have to use your google account. Any google service that you use on mobile requires you to authenticate with your Google account, it sucks but that's they way they are headed now. There is no expectation that any "free" service will not want to get some information from you. And I know it sucks but the only solutions are to create a crap Google account or as suggested use goggle maps in the browser when you are not signed in, becuase remember even if you use Google maps on your phone it is still associated with your account. 
I also think Google wants users to be able to participate instead of just consume (without an account). And by using Google+ as a user backend, they don't have to fear spam or fake reviews because Google+ sorts out fakes very quickly...
Now that Zagat is Google, needing a Google account makes sense (you wouldn't want "anonymous" people posting reviews, obviously), but what puzzles me is, "Why this app?" I can already access all that data through G+/Local on my phone. Why have two different methods of accessing & manipulating the same data?
So, is there any reason to use this instead of Maps? At all?
Can it be side-loaded from somewhere... not available in Canada
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