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Here's another one. A little more representative, we think.
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I don't always use my phone under a microscope, but when I do I make pointless comparisons about the pixels.
I'll pay attention to supposed differences in screen quality when the difference is apparent in a side-by-side comparison under normal usage.  If it's not a difference that I would notice when holding Phone A in my left hand and Phone B in my right, I don't care.
I can't tell which I'm supposed to like better
After staring at a bit the S3 looks better. But maybe that's an illusion.
The gs3 should be better it's the newer phone lol
I guess the S III looks a little sharper? I can't imagine I would notice a difference in normal use...
I want the Galaxy S III but I'm afraid the root process will be more trouble with the Sprint version....
havent you noticed the S3 has an abnormal blue tint?
Why are you guys whining about informative comparison pics? If you don't care about them, just ignore them.

There are people who care about the screens on their devices and comparisons like this make their life much easier.
What's the point in these comparisons?  Who looks that closely at their phone?  It is even possible with the naked eye?
Well I am glad they fixed the pixel problem. Only downside to my nexus grainy visuals at times. 
Okay, this makes more sense. Looks like there is more of a gap between pixels (or lines?) on the S3. Same resolution, bigger screen. This makes the S3 look sharper in this pic. Otherwise, looks about the same.
I have a Galaxy Nexus, and honestly, though I can see the slight difference, the GNex still has an amazing image, and the kicker for me is, pure Android.  :)
Now I wish I never bought my Galaxy Nexus! I usually hold the phone against my nose when I use it so this is a pretty big deal for me.
+Patrick Barrow Nexus has 4.65" screen and SGS3 has 4.8" - pixels  has to be closer with smaller screen and the same resolution
OMG its time to throw the Galaxy Nexus in the trash!
These pictures have totally changed my mind ... about what I'm having for breakfast. 

Seriously, people. They're just for fun.
... oh, I see what we're looking at. I tell ya, I thought that someone had decided to put the Galaxy S III on the Google Play, ya know, as purchasable item. :) C'est la vie.
the two images looks exactly the same. I can't find any noticeable difference between them...
So my pixels on my phone are displaying a picture of pixels?!!!
Looks like the gs3 has the brightness turned up a bit brighter. To the naked eye galaxy nexus screen looks gorgeous.
Err... Which one is supposed to be better?
In my opinion, if you're determining which phone to buy because of the screen, you're doing it wrong. It is one part of the phone. There is so much more hardware in a phone to think about than just the screen.
I wonder if regular run-of-the-mill people really care about that...and in plus, I don't use my phone that up close and personal.
Kassy G
wow bad resolution and they adding shading :O AMAZING!
Wow, how representative. I think every user is using a microscope to look at his display ~.~

The quality control on the nexus screens has been bad. I went through 7 devices before I got one that looked like my original purchase. All of the bad ones had a purple tint to them that increased as you lowered the brightness. Maybe you have one of those bad ones?
I guess it would make a difference if you taped it to your glasses for your own version of Google Glass.
+Steve Santoianni so you noticed the pattern also!  It's the US carriers, even T-Mob is in on it.  Notice that the HTC Sensation 4G ICS update got pushed back until after the HTC One S was released.  I really am suprised that they did not push the update back further to sell more One Ss!
The picture tells me that the Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy S III come with a woven fabric version of the Google Play Store bag.  Keep it classy America. 
Still choose my galaxy nexus over the s3 any day, that's the only comparison that matters to me
Please make ONE shot of both devices at the same brightness
Ji Lee
To be honest, I saw this screen issue from day one and annoyed me. Whenever there is big enough area with same/similar color on screen, the galaxy nexus always looked "dirty" and fuzzy, especially when compared with iPhone. Glad that Samsung at least fixed it for GSIII.
These are interesting to look at to see the differences in tech, but they don't bother me in the least.I only notice it on my GN when there are large fields of a solid color, and even then, it is fleeting. 
Honestly, shouldn't the SIII be better? We expect innovation and improvement, right?
pretty useless post but it was bound to come up on the interwebs
Both looks like crap compare to Sony Xperia S :-o
Ok. So I see the differnece but I give up. Which one am I supposed to think is better? Where is Steve Jobs to tell me what to like?
Am I supposed to find ten differences
From a distance, The Galaxy Nexus looks better, it has smoother edges and such because it blurs it. But up close the Galaxy s III looks better, it has richer colours and darker blacks it seems. It's a toss up I'd say.
I really wanted the galaxy s3 but the T-Mobile version is dual core and I already own the s2, which is also dual core. Love and hate technology but I'm really looking forward to getting my MacBook Pro 15"
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