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Then go ahead with the Nexus 7 and 10. ;)
I know google is a little upset not being able to show it off in grand fashion. 
any news on the Jellybeen update?
+Keith Mathews Thanks for saying that. Everyone always complains about the low memory but it is fine for most people. 
looks a bit samey to the gnex, but i suppose that's no bad thing.
really depresses me that they release these storage capacities on the assumption that people will always be able to access the cloud. i'd really like a nexus next time around when my galaxy note contract is up and i really hope they have a 32gb version and even a 64gb version
and google music is coming to the uk. sweet!
agreed +Chris Johnson , i've very little room left on my 16gb nexus 7 and i have no pictures/music on it, it's all filled by a few games i bought during the recent sale
Im glad 4.2 isn't a total new os and will be a simple merge...
different user profiles on the nexus 10, switchable from the lockscreen. long overdue feature
9.32GB of 13.33GB available on my gNex..$349 for new Nexus wouldn't be bad at all if I wanted to buy.
ps, i know i'm complaining about the storage, and other people are complaining about the lack of 4g, but at that price point this is basically a budget phone. a very very good budget phone.
here in the uk we don't really pay for phones on a contract, most of even the top of the range ones are free. but those off contract prices are excellent, i'm thinking it'll be around the £250-300 mark, which wouldn't even buy you a galaxy s2
Allen A
And on sale 2 days after my birthday!? Happy Birthday to me!!
+Linyera Báez-Rivera It is if you're in a market with strong LTE, and you've had a device that can utilize it. Going from 25-40 Mbps to 1.5 Mbps is horrid.
does it has HSPA+? Because going up to 18Mbps isn't too shabby at all... who needs LTE at that point? Want - maybe?
+David Soegiarto it has hspa+ but no lte.  Why that matters is the hspa+ coverage in Houston is crap but LTE coverage is nice.  I couldn't get around with this without frustration.
I'm fine with my Galaxy nexus. Thanks. I've got more memory LTE. And Jellybean already. So I'm good.
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