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If you're an RF guy then this is easy. No LTE amp or antenna = No LTE. Sorry, get a note 2 or a DNA 
You are looking at it from a USA perspective.

Let's say that as well as the chip the antenna conections are also there.

Its possible that a new back panel could be fitted with the antenna in place.

I believe that this type of affair would be able to be CE verified.

Different back plates could be fitted to suit the various lte bands that are available in the rest of the would.

The rest of the issues you mention are software and licencing related and easily solved with bags of cash.
+Adrian Chapmanlaw Even if this were possible, there's no way Google's going to do a "4G upgrade" after the way the LTE Xoom upgrades went.
I don't care I want a #Nexus4. Where I live, LTE rollout was announced 2 years ago and only 6 months ago did we start seeing the USB Dongles show up with very shy coverage so its gonna be a while before phones get introduced. I'm fine with HSPA+
You are right of course, i might have under played the bags of cash required.

LTE is way to closed at the moment. A few months back before told they could do 1800mhz LTE in the UK i thought it would be suicide for a phone to come out in the UK in the next year without LTE. 

now i see the others are rolling out DC-HSPA+ (aka HSPA+42) which works on a lower frequency so penetrates walls better and goes further I get the real world speeds in the UK will not be much different between the 2.
But But But +Gizmodo said it could!!! Waaaahhhh Wah Wah Wah <sniffle>
Let's not forget the BS Google went through with Verizon to get the LTE GNex on their network. Verizon banned Wallet and slowed the updates down to almost non existent because of the propietory firmware to run the LTE radios. So this time around Google is saying FU Verizon. People scream bloody murder that Google didn't release an LTE phone, but don't blame Google, blame Verizon and their policies. If someone treated you like Google was by Verizon, you'd avoid them and call them a'holes.
I agree with +Jonathan Scruggs this is due to LTE being proprietary.

even the iphone5 will not work on the majority of european LTE networks.
and Androids are making fun in iPhone 5 for having late LTE???

Get Samsung S3 or Note 2.
+Eric Mejias I was, it was all starting to look like it was going to kick off in the UK for LTE.. since then its all gone to crap, Everything everywhere want way too much money with little coverage, other carriers arent able to start rolling out until the end of 2013 and they are rolling out HSPA+42 as we speak so LTE is all a bit of a sham at the moment.

there are also a growning number of people that love the nexus experience they have come to love on their nexus S/gnex/n7 which is where the n4 which isnt perfect fits in really nicely. especially at the price point it is sitting at.
+Eric Mejias This is about a specific phone that is not the sole device for an ecosystem. So yes, this is about and Android device but not solely about the Android ecosystem. Androids, in fact are not late to LTE. The option to have LTE in the Nexus4 was not exercised. It was a choice. In fact, for the Nexus line, for now, that was the right choice. LTE is only widespread in the US, many people tend to forget how under-adopted / developed LTE is in the rest of the world.
I'm not overly too concerned about the lack of LTE... I think my biggest beef with the N4 is the lack of microSD.  Sure I was bummed out that there's no LTE to come with it... but... well, now that I read on what is really required to support it, I'm not hurt over it.  The info provided in the link is a good read, along with +Jeff Bower to supplement it.  I can say with all honesty that I was not aware of the immense complexity for LTE in other countries.  It seems rather... amusing... so to speak.  I guess we (as in everyone) are very far off from a more standardized wireless signal protocol.
+Alex Dobie +Adrian Chapmanlaw and not to mention the Galaxy Nexus debacle last year! I could see Google working up a Sprint LTE version but when it comes to Verizon...They my not ever see the Nexus again...
For those screaming "Y NO LTE?" .. See +Jonathan Scruggs 's comment above concerning LTE and Google. Would you rather have LTE without Google updates, or be on HSPA+ with timely Google updates?
I don't care. I've had a Verizon GNex for the last almost-year and while LTE is nice and speedy, it is just absolutely worth the abysmal battery life.  I was much happier with AT&T and my Atrix 4G, which could make it through a day of hard use every time.
Razr M, now with Jelly Bean, LTE, great battery life and owned by Google. Just sayin.
Gotta plus that^^^^^^^^^^^ ++++++ :D
+Joseph Walker I'm not a gambling man either, but when i see a "no brainer", I have to take advantage of it.
Cam W.
Its kinda funny about the different back idea because my Verizon Nexus has a different back with that shitty Verizon logo. I say Verizon gets one in the coming months. But hey what do I know its not like I know somebody that works for Verizon..............or do I.
Not everyone would know how to do that, +Adam Jones. But yes, you can do that too. :)
+Rune Agbunag I'm thinking those that care about quick updates,know how to root. Those who don't care about quick updates, well, they are happy with LTE on Verizon.
LTE is fast but its not too much of an upgrade from HSPA+ on T-Mobile I get like 20mb/s so I never saw a need for LTE and I have unlimited data plus HSPA+ doesn't drain battery like LTE
What about this canadian guy that just activated LTE on his N4. Do you think it's fake ? I don't know what to think about it.
well, now that he has done it, many others have succeeded as well 
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