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I am not worried about 4.2. Still have not received 4.1 yet here in the US (Verizon) 
I have no hopes of Jelly Bean unless I get a new phone.  My EVO 3D just got ICS and it won't receive another update. I'm sure of that. 
Not worried about 4.2, will be switching phones next year anyways lol. 
Great, so in other words, all the cool new features of 4.2 aren't going to make it through after OEMs skin Android...I guess we deserve that. It only begs the question though, what will happen with 4.3?  And what about bugs that are fixed in 4.2? Or new API-frameworks?
Jens H.
+Derek Duncan I thought the only really cool feature of 4.2 is multi-user, which won't be on Nexus phones either.
I just worry about I can't get a stable custom ROM on my device~ JK, I always love fresh taste~ XD
The post largely just goes to show that OEMs don't run Android, they are just Android-based.
This is why I'm happy to have rooted and gone the custom ROM route. Carriers will always be slow to update.
+Travis Bean using CM on your Note? what about the S pen functionality and apps that run with it? don't they stop working?
I'm running +Paranoid Android Jelly bean on my Note, so I'll just wait for the 4.2 updates to be incorporated into that, waiting for manufacturer and carrier updates is a long painful process, if I hadn't been drawn to the large screen of the Note i would have gone for a Nexus device. +Eddy DeJesus the loss of full S Pen didn't bother me as I got the Note primarily for the large screen not the Pen.
I haven't seen every phones UI but the ones I have seen seen it looks like HTC has a closer to stock feel than others. LG isn't too far behind. But Touch Wiz is by far no where near pure Google. 
Hey +Klang Chong 
Android devs are just gonna have to get hard to work and create Roms for 4.2. Not much we can do but wait. Pretty sure the Nexus 4 and 10 will have some nice Roms fairly quickly. 
I highly doubt that my +HTC Evo 4g LTE LOL AMC SUV by +Sprint will ever get off of ICS. It really makes me rage, because Google Now is just so damn sexy...
And that's what's so great about ROMs. If you really care about some of these features on a skinned device, it'll get merged with ROMs like CyanogenMod.
All I care for from this update is Google now which I already have and photosphere . If they can just push photosphere into the s3 camera I'll be happy
I have a Evo 3D running sense 4+ and with Google Now. There is a Rom for the Evo 4g lte. Go and get it.
How about everyone in this post, just gets a Nexus 4... 
no problem. Loving Google now BTW. Try downloading the free version of 4ext recovery from the play store for easy Rom installation. That site has all the info you need about rooting your Evo 4G phone as well. The latest Rom available for you r phone is:

CM10 ROM for Rooted HTC Evo 4G LTE! [Android 4.1.2][10/25/2012] 

So get it rooted download rom and install it using 4ext recovery. Enjoy.
+Joey Numbers that almost takes some of the fun out of it :-) part of Android ownership I feel is rooting and looking at what your device was never intended to do by it's manufacturer. But I do like the Nexus 4, just needs to be a little bigger.
+Joey Numbers 
Getting it on the 25th. The same day my contract is up with Sprint. Gonna sale my 3D and pay my last bill with the money. 
I have 4.1.2 on my Verizon S3. Flashed the new gallery and camera w/photosphere everything works great! (using CM10)
+Equis HM AndroidPolice site just released the patched Gallery/Camera that works on the S3.  I just flashed it in CWM.  The pano has a bug that caused a screen glitch (didn't affect my ability to shoot the pano though) but the photo sphere works perfectly, and is awesome.
+Equis HM it has a burst mode, and I never used HDR (and I do not think it stayed), same with best shot (those 2 were Samsung additions). 
Ming F
Root root root...that's all I can say
+Eddy DeJesus the latest builds of ParanoidAndroid for the Note on RootzWiki include spen button and gesture control.

The Samsung apps don't work of course because they require TouchWiz, but there are many alternatives that work fine. The above mentioned PA includes GNote, which is basically a substantially better version of smemo.

Ming F
You can always stock and root...this way you can have the Samsung apps and be able to install rooted apps
Sure, if you want to use an old version of Android, lose out on per-app dpi and layout choice, awesome performance and regular updates at least. 
Ming F
Derrick Whittet I agree, but some people just can't live without Samsung... there are so many alternatives available...
+Ming F I suspect a lot of it is the mistaken belief that if they use a custom ROM their pen won't work at all (it works on ANY rom, and with extended button functionality on PA!) and/or simply not knowing about all the awesome Market apps (many free) that are as good or better than the Sammy apps.  
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