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Could Google start their own line of Nexus devices and sell them unlocked and online? The WSJ says yes -- we say hallelujah!
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After +Samsung Mobile failed to keep the rest of the world up to date on the G Nexus i hope Google shuts them out
Please be true. I'll take an HTC Nexus, please. And hold the Beats and the Sense!
This sounds like great news if you are on a GSM network but how exactly is this going to work on CDMA networks where it is my understanding that the carrier controls the keys to the radio firmware
All I can say is this had better be true. And if it is, it'll be a very, very good thing.

(Now give me my HTC Nexus One X)
Scott B
i would love to see an asus nexus [padfone, :) ] an htc nexus, even a moto nexus razr maxx would be cool as well. tired and bored of samsung.
ohhhh asus nexus (NFC, software buttons, padfone capable). That would be awesome.
Hope this comes true. Google I/O announcement?
Good news. Just what I've been hoping for. Nexus has needed some options. For example: a smaller Nexus.
Razr maxx battery, quad core chip with enhanced graphics, 12mp camera with a Carl Zeiss lens. In my opinion the nexus phone's should be a combination of the best aspects of what's available. Google don't need to change the appeal of the phones, the best phone I have ever had is the gnexus . Bring on jellybean with the new phone, excited indeed
niceeeeeeeeeeee ... thats what i expected .
good job Google :)
Everyone is looking at the benefits to the consumer of this news but this could be even better news for the carriers. Carriers tend to lose money on the devices they sale so if they could offload the whole stocking and selling process to Google they would be able to free up those resources to be spent on other things such as network improvements.
This really could be the dawning of a new age in the mobile world
This would be awesome idea. As much as I like my Galaxy Nexus. The One X is a pretty awesome phone. I'd like that with pure Android unrooted, with TIMELY UPDATES.
I blame, Verizon for not getting 4.0.4 as soon it was released.
I loaded Stock 4.0.4 OTA using the exploit. I just home it doesn't keep me from getting the next OTA without using the same exploit...and or rooting.
Miezu nexus10 or Hwauwie Nexus and that would also be golden =)
If it doesn't come to Verizon I'm going turn personally attach some C4 underneath Verizon's HQ and blow thos bitches to oblivion. -_-
So true +Jacob Jacobs so true. As long as LTE is still custom to carriers, they will always have control over OTAs.
This is actually good news for carriers the question is will they realize it
Naw, they will just throw more money at Apple.
I went and posted on the Sprint FB page the befits of fully embracing this announcement and encouraged them to welcome it by giving Google access to the radio keys/firmware. Others may want to go and make similar postings on their carriers pages.

Direct benefits would be to reduced costs associated with purchasing, selling, and inventorying android HW which they then could spend on other purposes such as network improvements and rollouts
Would Google allow a manufacture to continue to build a CDMA Nexus sold by carriers? I love my Galaxy Nexus (toroplus) but I wouldn't give up my unlimited data for a GSM Nexus.
I think that the US Carriers will take issue with this, big time! This can potentially take all of there 'Value Added' services away from them, which generates additional revenue and potentially a sticky customer.
+Michael Erickson I could be wrong but, I don't really think that it is really up to Google, at the Carrier level, as to what they decide to order, brand and sell.
Makes me glad I live in the UK no cdma pain in the ass here, feel sorry for you guys in the states. But hey you have massive steaks (y)
I said this somewhere else... don't be surprised if we see Google turned into a carrier using Google voice as the backbone. Heard they were testing this....
+david cassoday even if Sprint gives the keys... It doesn't matter at all if Google doesn't get the license to distribute CDMA code.
+Daves Williams I think that won't happen. It was a wishful rumor. If they were actually thinking about doing it they would have shown interest in T-Mobile which they didn't.
LightSquared should be available pretty cheaply soon! Just Sayin....
All LightSQ2 spectrum is right next to GPS. GPS>Lightsquard.
The currently allotted spectrum yes, but that is way deep pockets and lobbying is all about, yes? Google has deep pockets..
+Daves Williams Why piggyback and follow a set of rules and agreements when you can have your own network with your own rules?
Hope what WSJ is claiming comes to light by the falls at least
+Reginald Bowie You can't build out a cell network by the fall. It takes a while. Cox failed as well. Maybe better to piggyback a gsm carrier till their ready. Or stay unlocked....
+Daves Williams T-Mobile was for sale bro. If they really wanted to do what you heard they would have shown some interest. They could have most of the leg work done for them, and they make their own rules. By the time they are ready they would more than likely spent more money and time than just buying T-Mobile. 
Milty C
Wow ! if this is true, this is huge. It will revolutionize android. Because every OEM will get early access to the new android software it will mean a quicker release cycle. Stock android will become the norm because it will be released first, with customized android phones always lagging behind software wise. To customers it should mean stock android with cutting edge hardware.
I've always wanted this to happen. Imagine being able to choose either a Samsung, Motorola, Sony, HTC or another pure Nexus device #nerdgasm
This will also increase competition between these manufacturers
Which they may actually give better support for their devices.
I think we would likely see a high end nexus phone from Samsung based on the S3's hardware, as well as mid end and low end nexus phones. I think well also see a 7" nexus tablet from Asus and a 10" tablet from maybe Motorola or Samsung, possibly Asus as well. All running jellybean of course.
This would be huge, and I would be a buyer this Thanksgiving without question.
This can't happen soon enough. Problem, I'm on Verizon.
And my T-mobile contract ends in November... very convenient!
This is the best thing that could possibly happen to android... with the competition between 5 OEM's there should be no reason for any compromises on nexus devices (GN camera).. I might just have to skip the GS3.
A Nexus with a keyboard would be pretty awesome.
Id imagine these will all be unlocked gsm devices?
+Andrew Desilva More than likely unless Google can get a deal with Qualcomm. Even then with the way CDMA needs IMEI into a database and Sprint/Verizon refusal to allow outside IMEI inputted into the system makes it tougher to have a CDMA counterpart.
There is a Possibility however when Sprint/Verizon go full VoLTE for it to happen.
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