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A neighbor accepted my Nexus 4 while I was out and now she's not home ;<
Just got my tracking number sometime when I was asleep between midnight and 6 am. Now I play the waiting game.
I got to order but my n4 and 10 have as a status "pre-ordered" :-( my n7 should be sent out today.. 
Australian stock will be delivered on Monday going by tonight's tracking updates....... Nexus 4 is starting to get unleashed on the world
Nav Gi
I am jealous. I spent whole day to get hold of 16 gig n4 in Canada. 
Mine arrived this morning...! 
Ancyl S
Finally got my tracking number and email saying that it's shipped...USA here, hoping i get it tomorrow
Ancyl S
I got the shipped email this morning at 4am est.
Ancyl S
No details available yet from UPS
I'm so jealous! I was waiting the whole day to order in Germany, all I saw was coming soon and then sold out! :-( 
+Adam Pekár Thanks! Loving it so far. One of the first things that happened was it got a system update which added lock screen widgets and photo sphere...
Ancyl S
That update was to fix the Google voice compatibility issue with 4.2
+Ancyl S Yep, seems good, smooth... downloaded most of my apps automatically, very nice :-)
+Mark Barrios it said 4.2 originally, but the update said it would update to 4.2 too. I'm guessing it's similar to the update the review units got...
+Mark Barrios There was probably a chance in the build number, but I hadn't looked in detail before... It's now on JOP40C... 
Mine still shows order pending since Nov 13th. Still no shipment notification or tracking number. I'm located in California, USA. 
Shipments can arrive before you get tracking details. They can also get upgraded from two to next day. Google is so disorganized you may never know the details before delivery.
Just got the email, my order is delayed for three weeks due to high demand. This sucks
+Adam Pekár I got the email confirmation when I ordered.  Then I heard nothing for two days.  I called Google directly and asked for the status.  The rep then informed me that the phones were on backorder and then sent me the back order 3 week email.  On my wallet account it's still marked "Pending"
I've a question for anyone of you that managed to get their hands on a handset... On mine, if the phone isn't even doing anything, I can still hear a crackle/hiss from the earpiece speaker if I hold it up to my ear. It's faint, but very definitely there. It's there even with the screen off, and even in airplane mode. If I power off completely, it stops. Switch back on, and it starts up immediately. Like the earpiece speaker is live all the time... Anyone else getting this? Oh, and my power button was a bit creaky, but on the advice of my other half, a very tiny sprinkle of talcum powder in the gap around button made it almost completely stop... Other than that, still loving it!
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