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No thanks, not at all pleased with HTC, I am now Samsung.
I'm with Scott. HTC screwed up with the rumors, veiled promises then denial of upgrades for ICS on my Inspire 4G. Running a Jelly Bean ROM on it now and I'm very happy to extend the life of this phone until the next Google Nexus phone is announced.
+Jason Howell got raked over the coals about a month ago when he was upset that then new Motorola phones were coming out with ICS rather than jelly bean. But I am going to echo his sentiments. HTC you cannot release what looks to be a really good and capable phone with ICS. Right now Samsung is shipping the Galaxy Note 2 and the S3 (in Europe) with Jelly bean, C'mon HTC I want you guys to get back in this game strong.
Same with +Michael Galli the inspire was awesomely built but it just became an "old" phone after a year because of all the phones HTC pushes out 
You all say "HTC sucks, my SG Nexus rocks"... But it rocks mostly because it's a Nexus, not because it's a Samsung ;-)
+Nicolas Bettembourg if HTC makes a phone that would pass Google's standards to be Nexus phone, I think you would see people buying that phone as much as the Samsung version. And for the record, the five comments before yours do not show anyone bragging about their SG Nexus. But it looks like we all have history with HTC and when we have that much history, our comments are directed at how one company messed up and could possibly correct the perception of poor customer service and support. So HTC, if you are reading and paying attention, take our advice!
Never buy a phone with a exynos chip if ur a lover AOSP CM10 etc
+Michael Galli My bad, only one comment was talking about Nexus ! 
I still like my HTCs phones better than my Samsung devices... And Samsung is as bad as HTC when it comes to updates IMO.
Got a HTC one v and it lasted 7 weeks,took it back for 7 days and told me all was left of the original phone was the casing,3 days later its back in the shop with a mind of its own,had it for 8 days now and not a word,I'm on a 2 year contract when I thought I was on 12 months,their telling me I can't get out of the contract but you usually get something when you have a contract,I'm in Ireland and would love to know my rights regarding this as this is a joke,never had problems with HTC's before!
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