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Not sure I follow everyone here...I didn't log in with Facebook and I entered just fine. Just use your AC log in. I think there was even a button to log in using your Google account. 
I spoke too soon, nice that AC has that passport thing, just logged in with google account. the facebook thing is optional, only to like gogo
Exactly.  EVERYTHING seems to revolve around FB without regard that other sites are out there.  Step 3 does ask you to like a company on FB, which without a FB account I cannot do....and as a non-FB user, I would like something not to be influenced by that site!
Face What? Would have liked a chance... As soon as you mentioned the F word you lost me.
Glued my fingers krossed and written a note with a hope to win.
This would be awesome to win.  My phone is junk (Moto Flipside) and my wife and I have both been looking at Nexus's hoping, anyhow.
Don't know if I should let people freak out and not enter over the mention of Facebook or if I should quote "Your comment to this post is enough to be entered to win"...
I use Facebook but just for family.. 
My questionis this: How do they know that you liked Gogo on Facebook? So how do you know for certain that you are getting those promised brownie points? 
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