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Despite failing to set the world alight with 2011's ChaCha and Salsa, HTC and Facebook will reportedly collaborate to bring another Facebook phone to market next year.
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Can someone point out the first one?
Poor HTC have you not learned from the first one, or when you bought beats?
Is it a good idea, after a first failure, to build a phone for a platform that's losing consumers?
Probably a bad idea anyway but let's face it, the first phones sucked badly hardware wise.
+Colin Joseph also fair points, but some people do tend to buy (or not buy) based on a name.

If they're going to try to make it cheap and recoup later (not in contract fees if they do have a decent price per month) then they're going to need to get it off of ad revenue or through a contract with Facebook.
And fwiw, I've been known to be wrong before.
A device nearly guaranteed to completely disregard your privacy AND never get updated?!  I smell a hit!
How bout a G+ phone? Oh wait, isn't that any Android phone...
So...A dedicated button to take you to a slow as molasses app?
Lol... Just another HTC failure to come
I own a HTC Sensation, and this news makes me want to sell it. Facebook must be paying them a bucket load.
+Ryan Light If is kicking itself in the balls, Nokia repeatedly shot itself in the head
How about a button that can be used as a shortcut for any app, or maybe to bring up a menu of apps. I'd use that
Yofat J
They can't make a phone with enough exclusive Facebook features to get someone to make a smartphone purchase above the free -$100 range when they will be locked into that phone for 22 months...especially if it doesn't even include gapps. There is just too much value in other Android phones and...I hate to say it...iPhones as well. We can already get the core experience of Facebook and everything Facebook can't do.
What an irony.. Facebook wants to enter The smartphone game on a Plattform which is driven by Google. Who again is facebooks biggest threat ? Ah forgot its g+ so lets say FB sells plenty or at least some devices :) people will end up installing g+ app on their device anyways. They cant go the Amazons way otherwise they would have to remove the Google apps then which is pointless. That means no true android -> no Maps on a successfull FB phone
Having a Facebook branded phone makes as much sense as an HBO branded television.
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