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Here's how the lock screen widgets work in Android 4.2 -- and we've got our concerns.
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I think Google has to fix the email and message widget on lock screen. Not good in term of security.
Thanks +Phil Nickinson for keeping us updated even this late in the evening. Still waiting for Google Play to go live for N4
I am wondering if they are leaving it up to the app developers to code their widgets to be aware of whether the widget is located on the lock-screen and if security is on.  They should provide some warning of the security issue (at least one time) when placing a widget.
So don't put widgets that contain sensitive data on your lockscreen...FYI, the Launcher app itself can read all content of the AppWidgets it hosts and can have vulnerabilities that allow other apps to access the data too - so its not like your sensitive data in gmail was entirely safe before you added the widget to the lockscreen.
this seems excessive and maybe messy. a lockscreen with lots of widgets is a homescreen!
Guys, it's all about personal choice and customizable 
I've been using widget locker for years, this is not a security issue if you have half a brain. Oh wait, I just accidentally excluded ios morons... Oops. 
+Steven Millward no, it's exceptionally useful if you know what you want. For instance a Google Music widget and a set of beautiful widgets for clock and weather. 
Is the verification code a big deal? At all? Once it's used its just a number. Big deal 
These widgets are not present by default and one has option of adding them. So if you are not comfortable adding them there don't add. It's as simple as that! I personally like the choice of calender being there.
If you're concerned about security when putting email widgets, then just dont put any. Lol
That clock widget is SO ugly. Ditch the bold.. Terrible choice 
Hey +Android Central can u give me ur honest option on the display?? I have a GNex and I want a N4 buuuttt I heard it has a "whatever" display, can u give me a REAL opinion on that? .. thanks
this is only a security concern if the user enables the widgets it seems... so what's the problem?  if you care about security, don't use these widgets... simple.  personally, i don't understand why anyone would use lockscreen widgets and bother with a PIN lock since it seems to defeat the purpose.
I wouldn't put the email on the lockscreen for the obvious reasons you highlight, but I am stoked you can use the camera app without unlocking. The only concern that your video didn't address was whether when you are in the camera app, you can look through the pictures already taken on the phone.
Yeah, not sure I like that. But... personal call: balance security with ease-of-use. At least you can't open the email without the code.
If I leave my wallet out, somebody might steal my identity.  So I don't leave it out.  If I didn't really have anything in there that could be stolen, I wouldn't care so much.

Sometimes it seems like you guys are just lookin' for stuff to get dramatic about.
My Galaxy Nexus just got the ota update to 4.2. When you go into the camera app from lock screen, you cannot view pictures that were already taken. You can only view pictures that you take while in the camera app at that time.
+Marco M. 
TAKJU = If you have a GSM HSPA+ version you bought through the Play Store in the U.S.

YAKJU = GSM HSPA+ version you bought through the Play Store internationally

Both versions get updated straight from Google.
So wait, awesome we can have email on lock screen, but awful and we want a lock screen for the lock screen?
So I re-read the article. I still don't understand the complaints. If you want quick access put it in the lock screen widgets. If you want security spend the 0.5sec it takes to unlock your screen. What is your answer to your complaints?

Very interesting. The lock screen widget security issue can be fixed but the overall question is: why? 
+Android Central does the OTA update fix some of the software glitches you guys reported on the preview version. Is it more snappier and can you report on whether the battery life improved or not?
This is fuckn awesome can't wait to have this 
+Mitch Gersbach if you have access to the phone you can take a pc and log into the owners account on that because the verification code will be visible to anyone holding the phone.
much ado about nothing re widget security. the point of having email via lockscreen is ease of access. if you care about security, not putting the email widget on the lock screen makes a lot more sense than limiting the widget.
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