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That is a fun app for geeks like me. 
I haven't been into comics in about 5 years but would really like to get back into them now that they are accessible digitally, BUT, the price is still too high for digital books be that e-books, comics, etc. 
I agree with +Cory Teague , when formerly hard physical entities such as books, comics, music CDs or DVDs get migrated to the convenience of electronic delivery via the internet, the savings to the originator in terms of production and delivery costs is huge. Do they pass this on ? Do they heck! Sometimes the electronic version is even MORE expensive, and certainly seldom is there any real discount given. This kind of corporate greed just makes piracy more likely to happen, because people aren't totally stupid, and whether you're a corporation or a private individual, you won't like getting ripped off. :)
what a crappy review. he didn't even talk about the most important part... actually reading a comic. i could care less about how purchasing goes if it doesn't have a decent reading experience.
+Ethan Beck 
Even if we overlook the fact that their production costs went down due to electronic; I'm still upset that they do not recognize the everlasting nature of electronic delivery and price it accordingly.

A comic book, whose producer has already recouped all their costs and then some, should NOT cost exactly as much 20 years later! There should be a diminishing return and eventual return to public domain.

Kinda like how drug companies can invent drugs, but 15 years after invention, the drug becomes "generic" and basically public domain. (And the public benefits). Patents are actually better than copyright in that respect:

Copyright is so screwed up (by Disney really, who is lobbying hard to protect Mickey Mouse) that it was 15, then 30, then 50, 75 years [now more] protection. It's getting ridiculously long. We need to re balance that and recoup some of the public domain time.

Both to push creators to keep creating (You cannot copyright and succeed on 1 thing, and sit on your laurels; It should expire); and to balance public right in the new electronic world.
what i don't get is that physical copies are actually cheaper if you subscribe to the comics. last time i checked you couldn't do that digitally, which is ridiculous.
DC does drop the price of most of their digital comics by about $1.00 once the next issue of that comic is out.  So I usually just wait a month or two for the price reduction. That said, I concur that the cost for a digital comic should be less than the paper comic, similar to how  ebooks/paper books and MP3's/CD's are priced. 
+Cory Teague and +Ethan Beck the savings for me is that I am outside of the US I can't get these comics at a reasonable price as a physical copy, hell these books aren't even available in stores where I live. So right now I have the entire Walking Dead series thanks to digital distribution.So in actuality I save tons of money. 
+Marlon Thompson cool.  That's at least one benefit of e-distribution.
I think most people however would consider that the humongous savings that content creators make with e-sales should be passed on, not just considered as a reason to laugh even louder on their way to the bank.
If these electronic versions of previously physical products cost 1/1000th of the price to retail because there is so much less real value to them then why should the price be the same?
Perhaps for their next trick they should work on telling us just how it is that they aren't actually ripping us off ;)
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