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We saw many first reactions to the HP Slate 7 tonight in Barcelona. This was not one of them.

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Connor Glade
I can't believe I did that!!!!
"Dude I think i have a Pimple on my forehead"
I can't believe you banged your girlfriend and used a hidden camera. 
"I can't believe you wasted money on that"
"Oh man what have you gone and bought? This ain't a Nexus 7"
I like grabbing this long , hard pole whilst spankinbg my forehead and letting u imagine inserting things in my open mouth, just to show u what I think of this tablet
"Dude, you could've gotten a Nexus 7 for $30 more, bro"
Shit I hit my head on that pole! 
You are as stupid as you look. 
The Nexus 7 Fanboys are all in a huff.
+Robert Stiles Well, take a look at the differences.  A quad-core Tegra 3 vs. dual core 1.6ghz A9, 16gb of space vs. 8gb.  1280x800 vs. 1024x600 resolution, the RAM is the same, you pick up an SD slot in the HP which is a small tick in its favor and a rear facing camera.  It's running 4.1 which isn't bad but I doubt it will stay on the cutting edge of android releases like the Nexus 7.  So when you tally it up, you get a far superior tablet in the Nexus 7 for $30 more.

All that said, HP isn't sounding all the horns on this, they're playing it cool and just marketing it for what it is, a cheap android tablet.  There's no harm in some competition but I would guess, and this is just me speaking for me, that anyone who buys this tablet is either looking for something that is very much on the cheap, or just was a little uneducated.  Again, it's not like it's a terrible tablet or anything, but for the price they're pitching ($169) it's in awfully close proximity to something vastly superior.
"Oh my god, this tablet is so cheap! Oh wait, so HP does!"
Caption:  "Wow, it's an HP!  Too bad I got a better deal on my kids Etch-a-Sketch."
"Will you still think it was a good idea to buy this thing when you're sober again? I can feel the headache already...."
What do you mean this isn't a Nexus 7?
"The Facepalm 7 is an instant hit - to the forehead."
That camera is great! But I can't believe your girlfriend did that.
Oh my head. Where am I? Why am I wearing makeup? 
"Oh man, I should've bought the Samsung Galaxy Note 8!"
"Why would you? Haven't you seen the nexus tablets? "
 "Dude, you got the wrong tablet. I thought I told you to get the Nexus 7 but you're hardheaded."
"Seriously, it had a nexus picture join the box but this piece of s*** was inside ?" 
1: "This is what I'll look like post op"
2: "Dude, print that sh*t out on your HP Printer"
1: "Yea dude! Aw, I'm all out of toner man... "
2: "So what's your name gonna be?"
1: "Wait, I have to change it?"
2: "Yea RICHARD." 
Oh, man. So you thought it was the Google Nexus 7 but it is actually a HP slate? Do they even update that thing?
I have to show you a video, it's about two girls and one cup.
You had me meet you here to show me that?!
Dude I'm still hung over and you got me up to look at this crap? WTH
Can you hold back the laughter, these guys couldn't! 
Yeah, your right! That's the best FartDroid app update ever!
Dude, I swear I did not know that was your mother!
It should have been called the HP Late to reflect its timing :0P
Dude, they paid all that money for Palm and webOS and they came up with this?!
"Ahh damn it, that is my butt on your tablet you get that picture?"
That guy on the left is like "OMG dude, you actually bought this slate thing?"
Dude you like totally banged a that homeless lady last night and here are the pics!!!
You know, some people have other priorities, feeding children, bills etc.. This will bring the tablet world to those who not otherwise be able to benefit from tablet technology. 
So it was you who blocked me on Grindr?!
"what are they doing with that cup?
... no... nooo... aaahhhhh... aaaaah!"
"I can't believe HP is trying and failing at tablets again. I mean,
 didn't they learn from the Touchpad?!"
It'll probably sell better than their last tablet
Dude, it's booting up webOS! I thought you got an Android tablet?
So this is why i could never find one to throw CM 10 on during there last fire sale, so they can rebrand this mess and try to convince me its new, WHATTT!!!
"Bro I can't believe that stripper was picking up quarters with her sn*tch,  ... Still feel like such as A**Hole for Heating that last one up with my lighter!"
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