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UPDATE: Now seems like a morning launch in Europe could be on the cards
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This time tomorrow :)
darn. I was looking forward to a midnight release, making it virtually TODAY instead of TOMORROW.
Someone just give me a damn time...ima just go with 9am EST
Kevin Wu
That is good, I was going to order the N4, under the covers in bed, without the wife noticing, tonight...
More rumors.... why? Just why?
Me too +Kevin Wu I am glad they look so much like the Galaxy Nexus because I dont think my wife will ever know.
Anyone know if you can have it sent to another address (e.g. work address) ?
+Damian McCoy of course... I have all my gadgets sent to work; the wife got sick of signing for all my packages...  ^_^
What are the chances that the Nexus 4 will be sold out the first day?  I am concerned that if I don't purchase as soon as the phone goes live on the play store that it will be sold out.  Should I be concerned, do you think Google will have enough to go around?
+Adam Slobodian Doubt it very much, 99.9% of the public won't and don't know anything about Nexus. It's just us small minority of geeks :)
+Adam Slobodian There is no way to know for sure. It seems very unlikely though, the N4 is totally unknown of most people.
+Adam Slobodian I think that there will be a good chance that it will be sold out tomorrow but Google has the next shipment ready to go in a few weeks.
The nexus 7 sold out and then was back in about a week.

When it first came out.
Thanks +Damian McCoy +François Blavoet +Ben Murphy that puts my mind at ease.  I wake up for work at 4:30am CST and was considering ordering when I wake up.  But if the phone goes live before that I just didn't want to miss out.  I think I will be ok ordering at 4:30.  Can't wait, will be my first Nexus device.
+François Blavoet I'm not so sure about that. I've never seen so much buzz about a Google device in the media and the one thing that's going to sell a crap load of devices is that price point. For us European types where LTE concerns don't really matter so much it's going to sell like hot cakes I think. 

Google Play Australia says 13th November. It won't become available until 4am on the 14th November.
It would relieve any potential strain to have a worldwide midnight roll out. Every hour a new time zone goes live that way all the orders don't come in at once. You would think taking pre-orders would help too. I would say Google knows what its doing but unfortunately they don't have a very good track record when it comes to sales and fulfillment. I just hope they don't screw it up. Maybe that's why they didn't offer pre-orders... they seem to have trouble just sending out notifications for product availability.
I'll be waiting for early adopters to chime in before pulling the trigger. Everyone be sure to post your thoughts! 
+Adam Slobodian Don't take our word as some kind of insurance but let's face it: worst case scenario, you have to wait 2 weeks for your N4. Not really Earth shattering.
Why they can't make this available at midnight local time in all places? I mean it's not such a big deal isn't it? 
+Daniel Eggleton Really ? I live in Europe so I don't care for the lack of LTE as well but I have not heard anyone outside of the engineering circles (or Android blogs) talking about the N4. 
WTF... I don't understand the meaning of this post. 9 AM at Germany is Midnight PST... Nothing has changed as far as speculations go. (Releasing it on Midnight)
+François Blavoet I'll use my own personal experience to highlight the point. My mother asked me if I was going to get 'that new Google phone that the BBC talked about' When your mother is getting involved in the conversation I think you've hit a rich node of hype! :)
It's 5am on the 13th in Australia. No availability 
Hmm, if 7AM in Germany could mean midnight EST? hmm (is my timezone math right?)
+Daniel Eggleton Well yes indeed :D. To be honest I don't watch French television a lot (cough 1h/year) so I have no idea whether it is discussed a lot or not on tv. I have only seen discrete targeted ads on the net and none of my non-techies friends ever mentioned this phone.
so EARLY morning EU time seems like it will be midnight pacific. So staying up for us US guys is what we should do.
In the UK here. Working 5a-1p, trying to work out what time to take my break :P
In the UK here too. Trying to figure what time time to go to sleep. ;)
Also UK, sounds like we'll be sleeping as normal and it'll be there when we wake in the morning ;)
Hopefully +Derek Duncan is right cuz thats what I was planning on doing. If not maybe I'll be able to order at 7 am before I'm off to school!
Another frustrated Aussie here. I'm going to have to wait until tomorrow morning?!
Correction.  Ordered.  Yay!!!!
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