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Gary Ng
Lol hilarious glad its clarified now
? So you let it happen and then waited long enough to allow an uproar? Or did you just now notice that the photo was yours?
Sean M
+Nate Swanner I could see LG going the route of adding in a "simpler" case backing if the simpler led to shorter production times, since it would like help them catch up with demand... But, yeah, I otherwise agree with you. Lol 
The glittered back makes it look so much more elegant
I find this particularly funny because the stolen photo still shows a tiny bit of the glitter effect.
We need the real nexus 4 pictured WITH BREAD. 
How ridiculous. Just plain ignorance, lol and some fanboys ignorant comments on the PhanDroid article.

-Open the mind
Oooooh,no you didn't!!!(hands on hip,eyes rollin)lol!! 
I'm actually waiting for more information on the rumored X phone. 
Only a nexus could cause such a hype, rumors and it can even be an extra-terrestrial device delivered to us from aliens!
Nexus 4 will very likely be equivalent to GS4 except, probably (the nexus 4 has twice the specs of the S3), the giant screen which is cool but not my preference, and neither is twice the price for less hardware. Samsung does make really (awesome) great phones, +Kakashi Hatake I wonder what specs the S4 will have though, these phones are becoming fast mini computers. We need new and faster ways of interfacing with these devices while on the go. Interested for the actual Google Goggles or something similar to surface.

Not starting a flame war just saying.. To each his own.
I'm already running Goggles on my S2...and it works well. I can only imagine how much better it could work with more processing power and RAM. Samsung does indeed make great hardware...they have for a long time.
I tried out Goggles on my little Galaxy Rush, it does accurately 'detect (for lack of a better word atm?)' a lot of things but I love how you can add you're own suggestion as well. I imagine it getting vastly improved as it gets used more and they collect the data and do their magic.
+TERRY L. BUTLER yes to the 'X Phone!' I'm waiting for more info as well on that. Debating on if I should wait or just get the N4, the N4 is just so appealing for me though - think I'm just going to splurge and buy the unlocked N4. The specs and 'always' up to date Android from Google will insure it won't get boring for a year or two at least.
I want the N4 just to see which GSM provider is better At&t or Tmo and to see if I can live w/o LTE VZW. 
4G is plenty fast for me. I'm still on 3G and haven't got a 4G phone yet so it's a non-issue for me, but I see what you mean. I have seen some articles out there comparing LTE network speeds across providers.
+TERRY L. BUTLER I don't know when Google is getting anymore but I can tell you my sister in law bought one a few days before they officially went out of stock again (maybe three weeks ago) and she was told 6-7 weeks shipping. She just got it yesterday, so maybe they at catching up.
+TERRY L. BUTLER also I have the vzw gnex so I can compare the service in NY (long island). My gnex does have better coverage and is a little faster on large downloads but for most simple things like streaming Netflix, music, web browsing etc... Hspa+ on T-Mobile is really good. So I guess it depends on the coverage in your area. For me the n4 works better than the gnex even with the lack of lte.
Glad it has been cleared...i love the glitters,in fact they should make the front side glittering
The N4 may be a great phone, but the way LG and Google have messed up right from launch is a total Fail. I will chose another Device to replace my Gnex.
+Randall Walsh Blame them for something you know nothing about.  Very smart!  How do you know what happened?  Maybe they just really underestimated demand.  That can happen, ya know?  Maybe there were quality issues and they needed to remake a bunch.  Maybe there was a problem at the factory.  Until we know, you have a right to be mad but not to judge.  
Anybody looking for a VZW 32gig Pebble Blue,2 Cruzlite cases(android green and clear),spare battery and a spare battery charging system. 
+john B. Yeah, these glittery things slide real, real slow FOREVER when set on something smooth.
Iv received my nexus 4 this morning only to find out it has a plain black plastic back iv very disappointed phoned Google they said they gonna get back to me 
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