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That boy ain't right. ...

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Is this how you program the bootloader - with touch controls?
Jens H.
That's so wrong o_O
Where I'm from...the appropriate and polite term for "That boy ain't right" is.... "Ooooh child, bless his heart.."
If you listened to the podcast you would have heard +Phil Nickinson say that he was expecting the arrival of the five Nexus 4 wireless chargers he ordered, oh and by the way Phil you said he were giving em away to Europe too , so I want one please, I'm in the UK and we can't get em over here , thank you!
A grown man fondling his..... Orb? That kind of vid will get your YouTube account booted!
"LoL" hope you enjoyed it because your sex tape has gone public
Can just here someone saying "My precious..."
Lets be honest guys, that Orb had it coming dressing like that. 
can't say he's not having fun stroking his balls
My precioussss.....They don'ts loves you like I do precioussssss....
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