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Well at least we know this is a tablet... Or is it...
Makes me sad there was no new Android Transformer announcement... :(
Just an update to a device that is only 4 months old and a 7 inch tablet with a dialer, neither of which will be released worldwide.
Dani C
or you can just buy the Nexus 4 ($300) and the Nexus 10 ($400) and you can save $300...way to go ASUS, great idea but too pricy
+Ivan Ng They fixed the Chrome compatibility for the Intel chips, but I am unaware of any other issues.  The only phone I know that had the Intel chip was the Motorola RAZR i.
This is great it's a smartphone that transforms into a tablet that transforms into a laptop.

The only question left is will it ever make it to the States since the previous 2 predecessors never did???
7" phones.... What's next? 24" wheels on blinged out SUV's..... Oh yeah.....
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