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The new Google Play Store has started rolling out over the air, following Google's recent announcement.
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I'm not excited about the name, but as long as things work like they are suppose to I can get use to it. It all caught me off guard with the Play email I got seemingly out of no where.
I keep checking to see if mine has changed yet
I'm more excited at what this means - a more cohesive Google experience across all platforms. I expect this to coincide with tablet announcements this year and potentially Google TV releases.
Just got it. Although it didn't show up in my app drawer (Galaxy Nexus) and the Market icon wont open anymore. So I will do a reboot.
Nice! So instead of updating the Galaxy Nexus, they... Never mind.
Although, the market icon is now the "play store"....ok
+Chris Padilla On my Tab 10.1 it worked after I waited a few more seconds. Must have been installing in the background. I am impatient.
The name "Play" makes it sound like it's all about entertainment, so it might compete better against iTunes, Sony PSP and even Microsoft XBox (at least in some people's minds). It might even make people think they have more albums in their music store! It sounds silly, but their choice of words influences people's perceptions, especially those who are not yet customers, who they are trying to win over.
Im curious because I've never tried it, but can you buy and keep movies from android market or is it just rentals?
+Christina Cooper rentals only, at least for the time being. There are a few movies I would buy if you could.

What I'd really like to see are TV shows!
+Mark Bennett im right there with you. I'd lile to be able to buy movies and stream them on my computer and cell phone. I would have no problem giving google that moneh.
Daft name i reckon, like the logo though. ive got an update for google (play) books on android 2.1, will i be seeing an update to the market app? im still running version 2.3.6 of the market
Oh man i hope they dont abandon android os anytime soon for a google os
I like it...I can hear the commercials now...."now available on iTunes and Google play" gotta ring to it
hmm, I'll check my mom's Galaxy Y Pro to see if it was updated too, This was a little abrupt on Google's part but whatever, bring it 
Sounds like a rental service. Try my app for .50 try my music for .25 how about a .99 movie
+Yusuf Islam I hope i am just being stupid but they seem to be unifying and tightening up there services and its just like microsoft lets not forget googles still is in it for the $ in the longhaul
Well they ditched huddle, maybe they'll change play :)
They've also renamed Google Music to Google Play as well. o.O
Got it on my GNex in Germany. Still only apps available though. I'd love to see books, music and film arriving soon, but I know licensing issues are pretty bureaucratic here. Thanks +Joel Dume for the tip: Just got Dead Space for 49c too!
Just got the update on my gnex and it's killed the old market icon on the top right of the app drawer. Anyone else had this issue?
+Chris Mckechnie That didn't happen to mine. My tip would be wait a little while. The app seems to update in the background.
I love that Google is unifying the experience. Not a fan of the new name though. Guess we'll see how this will Play out...
Well i cant access the market anymore, asks me to accept the tos and opens the browser at an unfound page, so thank you to Google for screwing my phone!
Anyone who has the problem i did, you need to press accept very quickly before it opens the browser, now to work out why the website thinks i have apps installed that i uninstalled ages ago
works fine for me. but WHY change change google market name?
It was a better suited name than google play....
I'm not crazy about the name either, but Google didn't consult me. :)
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