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A screenshot with the biggest font size set? Pretty please
And here I thought this app would forever be encased in "Carbon-ite" and never see the light of day. Happy #Punday everyone
I hit Google Play via web browser, tell it to install Carbon on my Inspire 4G and then my Nexus 7. Both install, but on the Nexus, I start the app and it promptly states (with the cool grayscale bird background),

"Carbon is not compatible with Tablets!"
can't compete with falcon. Looks like falcon with skin with less features. Perhaps in the future it will be able to make a serious substitute - it's free that is... so try you may
Its nice, but I think Ill stick with Plume.
Does anyone know how to de-autheticate(?) a twitter app? I have several and want to free up tokens when I uninstall.
I can't find it on the play store. 
Search Carbon for Twitter and scroll down a wayse.
Loving the interface muuuuch more than Falcon's, but that's pretty much it
I need this because my Twitter TL is so full of irrelevant stuff (random stuff) because I follow almost everyone that follows me. When I want to see relevant TL's I'm forced to use Twitter's list function. Hopefully Carbon for Twitter will give me my timeline back. I refuse to drop followers simply to have a nifty TL. Guess I'm too nice
No way to save pictures or open them in a browser?
I still like Plume better than Falcon or Carbon. 
Omg it's brilliant, so smooth and usable, very good for a first release, it's taken time to get here but Carbon has not disappointed :-) 
No Tweetmarker support? Think I'll stick with Falcon
Beautiful app, hope the tablet support comes soon. 
This is a great app best twitter client
Nice App but its missing a lot of stuff that Falcon has
Pretty lame compared to Falcon. What a bunch of hype for nothing. 
Missing some pretty basic features, though I'm sure it'll get them soon enough. Once it gets some of those basic features I'll re-download and give it another shot. But for now it's just not up to the standard set by Falcon Pro 
No setting for text size was the first thing that struck me. Pretty lean, not necessarily in a good way, but let's see where they take it. 
Good apps but need some minor enhancement.
One star reviews due to not working on a tablet when the description says that it doesn't work on a tablet are retarded. Since your name is attached to the review, everyone can now ridicule you on Google+ for not being able to read. 
How can you increase the font size? 
Not a fan of the tilt when refreshing either... but app is nice.
Ping He
wow, +Android Central I remember even you bet on the cloud backup app to show up first…
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