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Chart of the day -- HTC One Series comparison
A side-by-side look at the HTC One series specs
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Alex M
A phone with 4GB storage and no memorycard slot IS a wrong choice!
Besides the fact that the V DOES have the slot... if you're including 25 GB of DB to help the push toward cloud storage, that's kind of a big plus
Why does this remind of the LG Optimus line?
Alex M
Does nothing for videos or apps. 4GB is not enough. 
Alex M
Really! Then everything is fine.... ;-)
Exactly, +Nathan Amos the sd card slot is the savior.
I think One S is enough for me, I won't go for a One X unless I have too much money to spend...
I want a super high end flagship Android phone with 4" inch screen size, is that too much to ask for these days????
+Manoj Paudel we are in an era of phones as mini-tabs man!!!! Anything less than 4.3 is considered a wristwatch!!! LOL!
Ohhhh noooo I was looking forward to the x. Then it find out that it has a non removable low capacity 1800mah battery and no sd card slot! No longer interested.
+Chris Morales Yeah, apparently thats what it is. But it is really unfortunate for me because I have relatively smaller hands and like to operate my phone with one hand most of the times but still need a faster and better phones out there.
I'm really disliking this trend of no expandable storage on devices with less than 16gb of useable storage.
Alex M
+William Martin yeah especially with 1080p Video recording. one hour recording is about 10 GB. The storage full in no time...
If there was 32gb storage it's just about acceptable, but after initially being really impressed by this lineup, I'm now a bit disappointed. I just got a note or the one x would have been perfect for me, but the Mrs is due an upgrade in a few months and the one x is just way too big for her, even the s @ 4.3" is verging on being too big, but the one v is really not much better than her desire. Not everyone who wants a high end phone wants huge screens
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