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Note 8 lets you use your S-Pen on the cap buttons!!!?!?!?

Note 2 feels left out.
I can see myself using this as a phone since its took big for most pocket but its a great travel device.
I'd actually probably go ahead and use as phone with my BT headphones. Got the damn things on at all times possible anyway!
Will Samsung still release a 6 inch phone? I'm not sure how comfortable to carry this all the time. 
This is a tablet, but you can make a call! This is fantastic. You will have a number just for work or family.... a have a note 2.... and i loving
Come on Samsung what's up with the shitty resolution. This tablet will be a hit with a 1080 display. They thinking of manufacturing phones with 1080 displays while the tablet with bigger screen has a lower PPI. Doesn't make sense at all.
I think the resolution is a result of the s pen technology. If you want the pen you have to accept the lower resolution
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