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Whoa, is this Huffington Post? Is there side boob? IS THERE SIDE BOOB?
I guess apple is now focusing all their recourses on Samsung
It might have been a tactical move ln Apple's part to show availability of licensing using a dying manufacturer and to further go after Samsung 
Apple ios is getting boring . Hardly any changes since last 5 yrs
I agree with the preorders. It's never been an issue, Google said the 4 and 10 are available to order on this day. 
Apple is chasing ghosts and witches, while android is consistently improving their software.
Apple probably will use BeatsAudio in their next iPhone and iPad iterations and call it innovative
i left Apple n love my andriod .......
Because there only scared of Samsung now and soon enough googles nexus
Sounds like a deal with the devil..Pretty sure those "essential" patents aren't part of the deal.
Apple is desperate for new anything. Trying to get free of their own ecosystem now that everyone has worked around Them
This must have to do with LTE license...
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