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Thanks for the tip! Been waiting on that for a while.
The swipe space feature does only work in english - tried it with german but it did not work. But the swiping feels good
I think it needs better integration with other third party apps. Doesn't appear to work in my s note app. Using galaxy note 2..besides that, works like a charm 
Swedish lang. pack is working perfectly (so far) on my SGS3
I'm at work and downloading it right now. The problem is, I can't try it out properly, until I get home.
+Andreas Krexa it works in german too, tried it though I miss the slide delete function very much 
Got it and using it now! There is a learning curve but one you play with it you're good! 
+Damir Franc I tested it again, still won't work for me. Switched between english and german again - same result. Dunno what I'm doing wrong here :)
+Andreas Krexa did you choose the same keyboard layout for both languages, I have both to qwertz in order for it to work
I like how the trace line isn't as dark as in the new Google keyboard. 
Using it now. Not lifting for space is awesome. 
Noticed it doesn't work when typing in the address bar. :-( 
Does not seem to work for me - dunno why.. I give up :)
Testing now... It seems very impressive! Two language installed and it can distinguish between them Quick and precise! It seems fantastic! 
Could be a bit smoother but probably part of the learning curve. 
i wish it would just type what I am thinking, total recall of my cognitions.  :P
Can't install it for some reason. Hit install but nothing happens.awesome.
I've looked at the settings and I did not find any information about the flow through space function. It's working for me from time to time, but not always. Maybe I should get a new device. The nexus 4 would be a great upgrade. 
+Oliver Acevedo Yup! You don't need to lift your finger to use the space bar. :-) And no, +John Sharp ,I didn't see am option. But other than that Flow just flies in messaging. 
See an* (Damn stock JB keyboard which is so not as good!!!)
How do we use apostrophes? Like "that's" when swiping? 
Oh wow I see what you mean now about the space bar! I wrote this whole sentence without lifting a finger. Literally! 
+William Gunther I think it dose them automatically. But writing long sentences without lifting your finger can confuse it. Give it a try. I really like how it's working. 
Next semester I'm typing my thesis with this in Google Drive. 
There is definitely work to be done (by default, Swiftkey doesn't accept "Swiftkey" as a word) but I love the added convenience
This keyboard is wicked :-) its soo fast I can't even remember the last time I composed a message as fast as using this latest keyboard. And believe me, everything always seemed soo slow for me :-) 
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