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Carl Sims
Show me the buy button, Google.
Austin G
I wish Google would just take my money now
Yet another review complaining about lte. Unless you're on Verizon(most of the world) you don't give a shit.
Carl Sims
+Nicholas Brickhouse , I am on VZW now and I don't give a shit about LTE. Buying Nexus 4 and switching to prepaid.
Woooo! Been waiting for this. Although I'll be buying it in 6 days anyways lol
awesome! i have been hanging out for this! 
Let's be fair, if you can't manage on a phone with 16GB then there's something amiss with your organisational skills.
Video? Copy/Watch/Delete. Just how much can you watch in a day anyway?
Jon V
+Carl Sims exactly my idea. I just signed up on pre-paid yesterday to test out the process and a new carrier. So far today the results are noticeable already. I'll see in 30 days. But the Nexus 4 and pre-paid is a perfect match I think.
Wait, screen mirroring doesn't work with Netgear PTV3000? That's the only Miracast compatible adapter that's available at the moment (as far as I know) :-( 
I'm on Sprint so no go for me. Definitely my phone of choice if I could get it. So I'll just get the Optimus G and root it. 
Jon V
+Edwin infante Leocadio I think only T-Mobile so far I read. 

I still have a Nexus One that I'm using right now on pre-paid. Still working off it's initial cost that we paid dearly for!
Pretty good review! Thanks! I got a question though, does the new version of GTalk allows sharing of files and/or pictures? 
Another thing too I went to the Verizon store to buy the Samsung Nexus and they told me they don't sell it any more that its discontinued that the only way to get it is to buy it online from Verizon and one thing I noticed that it still coast the same even tho it's discontinued 499 for a 16g and 649 for. 32g of contract which is what I wanted to buy
Jon V
It's the same thing here +Edwin infante Leocadio with our carriers. It's discontinued mostly every where but if they have it online, they try to recoup the initial cost. 
Just be careful with your data when switching to prepaid guys. My experience is with simple mobile which is a tmobile mvno. When you go over 3gb of data usage they throttle you down to 240kbs speed with is rubbish because you start off with 8-12mb down on average. They also don't tell you that you will be throttled until they claim "your abusing there network".. I have heard similar reports about straight talk as well.. So if you use a lot of data like me, your best best is to just go Straight to tmobile no contract plans, atleast they are straight forward with you, and you can easily switch to there unlimited unthrottled contract if you find there service works for you. 
The sad thing is that tmobile won't put you on there new unthrottled and unlimited plan unless you sign a contract. But you can test drive/prepaid them with 5gb unthrottled for 70 a month. 
Excellent review +Android Central i am from the UK so the LTE debate is mute for me, I haven't used all the storage on my GSM Galaxy nexus...... this is my next phone nothing else comes close :-)
Maybe a stupid question, but, if I buy the phone in the US, will it work with my SIM Card back in my country (Poland)?
I assume you are buying it from Google play either way it is gsm, if Poland supports gsm which i think it does you should be good
Would love to have SGSII vs OneX vs N4 camera samples comparaisons!
Zack A
I'm on Verizon, and the lack of LTE stinks. I still really want the phone though. Which is the best prepaid company to go with? 
Any video in depth review guys would be juicy
+Colin Jones  who wants to spend time every day organising their phone? if i want to have 2 or 3 large games on the go at the same time, it's not exactly convenient to keep installing/uninstalling them. if i drive for 20 hours a week and like to keep 20 or 30 audiobooks on my phone so i can start listening to whichever one takes my fancy at the time, it's not exactly convenient if i have to go and download it without good internet access.
fact is, smaller storage options make things inconvenient for a lot of people.  you can live with 16 or even 8gb storage? bully for you, no one is shouting and saying you should buy a phone with more storage - but the condescending attitude of people who think everyone should have the same exact lifestyle and usage patterns as them is tiresome.
fact is, there's only a 16gb model available, which i think is stupid, but this phone is so great i'm seriously tempted to bite the bullet and live with the inconvenience of having to keep a constant watch on what is on my phone (something i haven't had to do in 5 years, so smaller, restricted storage options HAS to be considered a backwards step)
in fact the only question is if i can restrain myself and wait for the 32gb version that i think will inevitably arrive in a few months, if i hits the shops mr bank will be about £300 poorer.
OMG this phone is awesome ! Thanks !
Cannot wait for Nov 13th to buy one.
Where are all the Droid fans who hated the iPhone's internal battery design?
+Edwin infante Leocadio newegg has it for 350 coz its gsm hspa+, verizons are lte, also verizon offered the 16gb for 229 a week back, setup an alert for samsung nexus coz its gonna have a rock n roll ride from 13th
Mike E
wow....The best?  Who is on the take over at Android Central.  :) Bolted down battery, lack of LTE, Spring Antenna Connections (which are proven to be garbage), lack of impact zones and they used tape (instead of glue or structure) to hold everything together.  No offense, but with those limitations alone I simply cannot get behind "best phone yet."  Is Google going in the right direction, I believe so, but they still have a ways to go.  
S3 all the way. Don't like the nexus phone
LTE just came out in my country. BUT I DON'T CARE! 
Would love to use one of these. Just got my Galaxy Nexus a few months ago since my Nexus S decided not to make calls anymore.... Anyone know if TMo will have an in store demo?
No more damn reviews, just sell it to me already...
I'd be lining up for one, but that glass back scares me. I drop my phone occasionally, and even with a case I'll bet the back gets messed up pretty quickly. Looks like it happened over a couple days to the guys here and at the verge.
I'm glad they switched manufacturers. My Samsung Galaxy Nexus is only 3 months old and in for repairs already. Just hoping Samsung is good with its warranties.
that arm is the most awsome thing i ever seen.:D
WTF!?!?!?!? YOU LIKE THE ARM?!?!?!?!?!
Can't afford a smart phone....good ole Tracfone for me. Luckily we saved to buy this Nexus tablet I'm using now. Besides call, what does the phone do that the tablet can't?
Do we know what time it's going on sale?  I want to be ready.
Do we need a new micro sim to use this device. Gnex is regular sim.
Um. T9 stock dialer? I've been trying DESPERATELY to understand why this still isn't in stock Android. Not that's I'd ever run stock for any length of time. I run CM or AOKP like a boss. 
Only in music I have 16gb, the phone is good but the storage suck and no sd card, too bad. 
it available in South Africa? cz i have not yet head of it.
Why no micro SD slot??!! Such an awesome phone let down by lack of storage. :-(
No micro Sd because of Google's prerrogative called Project Butter. Made for fast wireless networks and cloud storage only. :/
I have a nexus by Verizon and I love it. I read the pro and cons on the review and I'm not sure if I would part ways with the nexus I have. We will see.
I'll wait until a 32gb version of the Nexus 4 to come out in like four months or so lol or I could wait in till my Verizon contract is over and get a Nexus 5 in 2013:) 
large screen smartphone without removeable battery? NEXT.
I have 2 spare in my drawer at home and at work. Until an android starts lasting more than 12 hours, And the battery problem Ian significantly surpassed with better tech, I all need more than one battery!

+David Woolsey - Google's whole m.o. is putting stuff in the cloud, not on local storage. That's why NONE of their Nexus devices have a slot.
LTE just launched in the uk but it has problems already. This nexus is perfectly time. Maybe next year LTE 
Great to have so much choice, but pure vanilla is the way I'm going 
LTE should not be a huge downside because only the US enjoys wide scale LTE. This is going to be my next phone! 
Tuesday isn't coming fast enough. 
I've been looking forward to this review.
Still not better than Galaxy S3
+Justin Hall I bought the Brazilian version of the Gnex and it had T9 dialer. I switched to yakju and miss that feature too.
I don't understand why people are complaining about storage. 8 GB is far more than enough storage for an android device. 
Ian Cox
Iphone is better
I absolutely do not understand people whining about LTE. It's a goddamn 300-dollars-no-contract-latest-firmware-unlocked phone. What else would you desire from it, to bring you morning coffee in bed? Want LTE - go for Optimus G from at&t, they will be more than happy to drain your extra money you have no better thing to do with.
verizon sucks period. Cdma is garbage, id rather have a sim card so i can switch devices whenever i choose. I dont like being "locked in" to a device, then only getting to switch when verizon says that i can, oh wait you can switch to another device if you pay verizon a fee. Lmao. Dont they get enough of your money already?
Non removable battery doesnt scare me as long as its like my droid razr maxx. But no lte? Sorry, no buy. Next phone for me will prolly be the razr maxx hd anyways.
No micro SD and no removable battery. No sale.
have you heard of the new evo
+john doe  yes, i couldn't agree with you more.. LTE it's doesn't matter, this phone is for power conservation... another whining is the disk size, it's cloud time, i don't install 5GB of games on my phone, i use my tablet to play games....  for data storage, its' time we learn to use cloud services, I got like 100GB of free storage if i install 5 small apps..
When will the accessory like the car dock be available?
Yay!! Can't wait until it's on the market 
Best phone yet? What a joke, get the GNex instead. 
That phone is a bad motherfucker. I want it. 
I just wanna know the calendar widget he is using in the review?
+Phil Nickinson you mentioned that you felt the hardware was complete, but it seems out of sorts that you are experiencing some "fine hairline scratches"on the back if the back is Gorilla Glass you think maybe the back is not actually Gorilla Glass 2 on the model you received?
Guys let me clear this up: sd cards hinder performance. Especially cheap ones, so I think google did right in not supporting ex memory. 
A big mistake going w/ LG as a manufacturer on this one... and no LTE... no thanks.  I own a G-Slate... now if they want to give me one for free to say they're sorry whatever, I'll take it, but Google should know LG will never get a dime from me, even if they are allowed to tarnish the Nexus line.  Pass.
I really do not think i like it.
I wish google go and update their os like wallpapers, 
He really don't thinks he likes it^^^. Well gee. 
I personally have had bad experiences with LG products, I prefer now Samsung from Korean gadgets. LG screwed us with their smart TVs and the famous ST600, Optimus smartphones, etc. I rather wait to see, yet I insist Samsung have superior quality in their products.
Choices choices which one to get Samsung s3 or LG Nexsus 4
But no LTE capabilities?
eric j
I'm buying this phone I'm keeping my verizon unlimited plan putting a few mobile 30 dollars 100 minutes plan using Fox fi or svtp quad core using LtE
Glass back like the iPhone 4S? Where's the outrage? Last year there was nothing but condescension from the android crowd, now it's, "take my money!"
It's an iPhone 4 with android slapped on it created by a company that makes the lowest of low android phones. 
If I wasn't getting this phone before, I am now. And I was going to get one even without seing this review.
+William Martin 16GB can hold 30 audio books, but it's a phone, not a games machine. If you want something for games then maybe this isn't for you, but for 99% of purposes, 16GB is ample. I have a 16GB SD card in my Desire HD and it's about 2/3 full, and that's after 18 months of use, and with quite a few games.
Check the number of games in the play store, should i not buy them because you think phones aren't for playing games? Especially check out the likes of horn and the dark knight rises, massive games that perform well on high end Android devices.
Maybe you should write them and tell them to stop developing apps that use up so much of our limited storage space, after all, that's a much better option than just offering a device with more storage on it huh?
Can't wait to order on the 13th
It look exactly like the Samsung Galaxy nexus
at this rate!!... soon we will have invisible phones...
I don't know about this phone just yet in not really a fan of the unibody construction. I'll wait a while to see if they offer a 32gb version. I love my gnex and the fact that if i need to swap batteries because I'm in the field I can do so. I think after this phone they'll go back to removable battery and expandable storage. But I guess we'll have to wait and see. 
Best review I read until now
This is the most extensive review I have read.  Good job Phil.  I will definitely be buying this phone.
I'm waiting to hear of an LTE variant in another month or so.
I can't believe how excited most people are about this. It is made by LG. If you have ever owned an LG you know what I'm talking about. 
The enV3 was the only thing I have ever owned by LG, but I have used an Ally.  I can't judge LG based on the Ally and the enV3 did what it was supposed to do.  i think this will be a great phone.
Ian Cox
I like Iphones
Can someone explain to me why Nexus 4 has a weird resolution of 1280x768? It doesn't make any sense. If you take the real user workspace (without navbar) it gives you 1232x768 which is completely akward.
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