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HTC One S Today's the day, folks! The HTC One S is now available on T-Mobile here in the U.S., making it the first phone from the HTC One line to launch here in the states.
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This the phone I wanna get but not sure what else is coming in June cause that is when I get my upgrade. I will see what is out their when the time comes. 
I was all set to get this, but then the Play Store started selling devices.
Lalo A
I'll wait to see what comes after this 4.3 screen isn't much of an upgrade if I'm coming from my Sensation 4g which is rooted and running sense 4 so no need for this phone
+Kendrick Ho there are rumors already out that Google has chosen #Samsung (once again) for the Next #Nexus
I wish this phone was coming to Verizon. The DROID Incredible 4G looks cheap compared to the One S (although the specs are nearly identical.)
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