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You can try all you want, but it's not even close to thd Nexus 7
If they produced a Windows RT tablet with those specs, it probably wouldn't run.
 I have an HP iPAQ 110 running Windows 4  It still runs has been dropped way to many times to count still holds a good charge. Everything works wifi bluetooth (good range) 64 Gig Memory card.
 If the slate is anywhere near as rugged and dependable it will do just fine.  Sign me up for one
Hey, it may be a little underwhelming in the spec department, but they've done two things very right compared to other OEMs:
1) They used stock Android, instead of some horrendous custom UI.
2) They built it out of good materials instead of creaky-ass plastic.
Looking at you, Samsung.
+Michael Hoadley 169$ !!! most apps can run just fine on dual core 1ghz.
Far from a "fail" i think its a pretty good machine for an entry level tablet !
I'll probably buy one. Looking for a cheap well-made tablet to use it as an e-reader and some mailing and web surfing.
Sorry hp but you have no business being with Android. 
Welcome HP to the android world. I support this. They're just getting their feet wet. At least they're not launching webos. 
For the average consumer it's a good tablet that gives them more than the Amazon ecosystems. Not everyone wants to root & ROM their eletronics , hence the Kindle's popularity.
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