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Jerry delivers! (Scurries off to read review)
About time woohoo!!! lets give her a read!
Great review, thanks +Jerry Hildenbrand. Need to order it NOW. 
Unless I missed it, what's the battery life like in comparison to the iPad 2? That's my main concern as I charge that about once a week and it gets about 3 hours use a day 
If all these apps and games get updated with higher res textures to look better on the higher res nexus 10 screen, does that mean that the apps will get bigger for everyone, or only if you're downloading them on a nexus 10?
+William Martin Depends on the developers. The Play Store allows separate binaries for different hardware profiles, or you can bundle everything into one binary.
+William Martin when uploading to the play store you can supply device specific APK's, that said it depends what the developers decide to do :|
given the increasing tendency to forgo offering expandable storage hopefully devs just release a separate apk for the nexus 10, if they decide to give us higher res textures at all. 
How did the centrally placed Home button work out? I might get one of these, but not until there's a fix for that!

Developer options in the quick settings panel might not be such a great idea. They might not all make the same decision about where a music app's Pause button belongs, for example. At the moment it's a notification, but should it be a setting instead?
I personally don't like have the menu buttons in the center,... But one thing I've noticed They no longer get accidentally pushed which is what happened when they were on the side.  As a piano player with long fingers I gets its not that bad, I just wish there was an option for the placement of them.
Great review. I'm really looking forward to replacing my original transformer with a shiny N10. I'm glad I waited.
Great! Can't wait to dissect this ish on the porcelain throne tonight..the review..not my..nevermind..thanks guys!
I have one and it's the best tablet I've ever owned.

As stated in the review the display is amazing.  At 300 PPI I make my iPad friends all jealous.  Plus being an Android tablet it has access to 700,000 apps on the market. 

The 1.7 Ghz processor flies through nearly every application with no lag.  From what I've noticed the only things that really slow it down are high end games.  Mostly that is because the GPU cannot keep up with such a high resolution.

Since there isn't expandable storage I recommend the 32 GB version if you are a gamer because it will be easy to fill up 16 GB version with games.  Modern Combat 3 for example takes roughly 3 GB of space fully installed.  Dungeon Hunter 3 takes another 2 GB.  You see where I'm going with this...

If you are a gamer btw I highly recommend you buy a $10 OTG cable.  That will allow you to attach an XBOX360 or PS3 controller directly to your tablet via USB. 

I use this for all my gaming needs.
Ordered, decided it was worth a punt :)
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