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Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean If you've been hanging onto your Nexus S, waiting impatiently for Google to start the roll out of Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean to your device, you won't have to wait all the much...
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Just flashed my old Nexus S... Its a bit smoother but not as smooth as my Galaxy Nexus. Every little bit helps with the old hardware that the Nexus S has :)
I'm getting the Status 7 error.... lame
This is bull shit, really?? Nexus S and not the actual Gnex? So what its from verizon. We should of been got it.
Really? Before my Verizon Galaxy Nexus? Really Verizon? Really?
I have a phone thats a year old can I have them put this new OS into it
Seems to be running smooth on my Nexus S. Haven't reloaded any of my apps yet though.
Poor SII user wont get it. But Nexus S did.. lol. Thats the reason i buy Gnexus.
so it won't be long for NS 4G?
Got it the day before yesterday...awesome! Galaxy Nexus
I installed it on my HD2 yesterday and it now runs like a dream! Thank you
When does Gingerbread come out on Galaxy Note - what causes such an incredible delay in rolling it out?
I'm waiting ...
Will the android 4.1 be available for motorola razr?
I curious why does most manufacturer has their OS OTA update delay badly espescially LG. +Android care to explain the process?
No my phone is not rooted recently. My phone is runnjng android 4.0.4
+Louis Toh They need time to add all of there crappy bloatware. I'm still waiting for ICS on my HTC Thunderbolt....ill have a new phone by the time Verizon gets Jelly Bean out!
+Aaron Albrecht  I am aware some the the UI skinning are not necessary still it depends on the manufacturer. And by the time HTC Thunderbolt gets its ICS OTA, they(HTC Dev team) will struggle for JB updates. Some SDK from manufacturers such as LG 3D, Sony Timescape requires the approval from Google to ensure it is workable on ICS/JB before it is available for SDK update.
So glad I have the unlocked gnex I've been enjoying jelly bean for awhile now. Can't get enough of it its the best period.
i got it on my Samsung galaxy S i9000GT (Official jelly bean stock rom) .... take that google
+Louis Toh pure Google phones will always get android updates first. The other manufactures have to add on there proprietary features that help them differentiate themselves from other manufacturers. That takes time
Hope will be seeing it roll out on other devices soon by the so called carriers
Still waiting on ics for my moto razr..... Sick of all this sweet stuff ( gingerbread, ice cream, jellybean ) give me some beef will yah..
Have you heard anything about a Jelly Bean release for the galaxy s ii skyrocket? SGH-I727.
Keep pressing 'Check for Updates' but nothing on my Nexus S yet....
Jelly Bean, I hope you're nicer to my Nexus S 4G than some critics.
When it will get launch in India...... I m Waiting
Damn... still waiting for 4.1.1. on my GN in Hong Kong. OTA checkin isn't working. 
Got it.....its amazing....Google Now rocks...
ham zed
Sending this from Jelly Bean on my Nexus S.

I am satisfied with this update, thought not as satisfied as I had expected:

1 - Project butter works but don't expect iOS like performance at all. It is like UI transitions got almost 5% faster than ICS 4.0.4 , but the chokings caused by Dalvik GC still show themselves here and there. And it is not a 60fps experience when working with Google Maps or other heavy UI apps.

2 . Autospace is not automatically inserted after clicking on suggested words above the keyboard.

3- Google voice just works and it is really awesome!

4- Fonts apparently have a more precise rendering than ICS. Texts are now even more beautiful.

(Maybe I should reset factory my phone to get a better butterry smooth experience.)
I got mine 3 days ago in the UK via and update from the play store :-)
Do you guys know where to get the text to speech language packs? I checked this, only Germany Italian Spanish and French... Even some says there is no such things.....
i have a Note & i love it! It's still on gingerbread but seems better to me than my mum's S2 with android 4.1 rollout
+ham zed 1) I did factory reset after update and UI is much much smoother compared to ICS or any previous android OS. So yeh you need factory reset.
2) Autospace is automatically inserted when you start typing again after selecting suggestions.
3) If you need faster OS experience then try disabling animations from Developer Options.
will i get the jelly bean rollout on my note, i wonder?
But my phone is samsung s2, what running...
Ok Sprint. Let's make it happen for my NS4G please.
Can anyone tell us about the official release date for JB for One X ?
if I have installed . My files and media... will be deleted?
When you give upgrade ics to my moto photon 4g
I have download the link . Now how I can install it in my device?
Galaxy tap p1000 support 4.1 good
Got it on my galaxy nexus, android just keeps getting better.
Come on Galaxy Nexus Verizon!
Come soon jelly bean my nexus s is waiting for u :-)
Never going to be on ZTE Skate I assume?
I wish that it would come out for the galaxy s3
Is there a roll out schedule Google put out showing when Jelly Bean will be rolled out to all? (Or at least my Galaxy Nexus on vzw running 4.0.4?!!!?)
Thanks in advance!
which it will be available quickly in egypt....
my nexus s can't see any networks after this update:(((
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