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Heh, yeah ... Whoah, that was out of no where.
LOL Somehow I was posting it to my wall and it ended up on this post. Good thing imma PG dude.. Thanks G+ has a delete...LOL
My understanding is that it is unlikely to be bright enough to be practical. I like the direction they're going though.
"Help me Obiwan, you're my only hope". Geeks will buy this phone if Samsung adds a video message from Princess Leia. Pocket size R2D2 :-)
+Zulhaimi Abdul Hamid your Star Wars comment made me think if it would be possible to make this phone look like a light saber by projecting a coloured circle (with black background) through fog/smoke...
+David Hill good idea! :-) Holographic image still needs vapour though. How to store in a mobile phone? Who knows, maybe one day we'll get there.
+David hill well i rather create a holographic room with thousand of chicks... rather than aphone with flashing laser beam lol
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