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Can you tell me what this 100,000-user token limit means?
+Alexander Procter Twitter put new restrictions on how many users 3rd party apps can authenticate with them. So this means that each individual app developer can only have 100,000 "users" (tokens) accessing the Twitter API via their app.
I hate to hear this. The advantage of apps is that they give us features that the official app won't implement. On top of that, if the frickin' UI was not so bland and boring then maybe people would use the official app. It is ultimately Twitter's decision to make that 100,000 limit, I wish they would remove it because developers should be able to make apps. +Alexander Procter it basically means what +Chris Johnson said, all unofficial Twitter apps can have a max limit of 100,000 users. 
+Alexander Procter Twitter somewhat recently said that all new third party clients that use a single application token (almost all of them) can have at most 100,000 users. Older clients are grandfathered in, but newer ones like Tweet Lanes end up getting the shaft. Some of them are starting to add an option to configure your own client key (such add Twidere), so that they can get around this, but most ordinary users won't know what this is or how to use it.
I'm  fine with the stock Twitter app. What I'm wondering is,  how does this 100000 user limit work? lets say there are 99,999 users of TwitterClientA. I sign up, which makes 100000 users, but at the same time, someone else drops it. does their spot "open up"? or if I tried it and dumped it right away do I still count as a "user" even though I used it for 3 minutes and deleted it? 
+Andrew Penner That's a really good question. I'm not sure that Twitter has been completely clear about that.
+Andrew Penner its active tokens authorized with the app. If a user actually goes through the whole process of de-authorizing their account with the app, they give up their token. The thing is, not many people do this, they just stop using the app and dont deauthorize. At the same time many users have multiple accounts, using multiple tokens on each app.
Oh I see. Thanks +Anthony McNeil . Perhaps the article should mention that for clarity. Unless it is common knowledge to all but me :D
Thanks +Andrew Martonik I wish I could remember all the Twitter clients I've tried. I'd gladly go de-authorize them all so that my "tokens" open up room for others. I just need a basic Twitter feed, nothing fancy. I tried a few clients and just keep going back to the stock app. It works well enough for me with no extra crap that I don't need/use
What's to stop the makers of TwitterClientA from releasing TwitterClientB which is identical in all ways except the name?
+William Gunn There is a whole authorization process to get a client key from Twitter for your app. I don't know if they actually check out the app before issuing a key or if they just hand them out, but I could see them starting to get more strict about this.
If they brought the official Twitter application up to tweetlanes standards there wouldn't be a problem but instead of doing that they are restricting every one else
Heh, the only way to have a successful Twitter app is to write a shit app. Oh wait 
+Jerry Heiselman - unless they've changed the sign up process for getting an API key, Twitter don't check apps when you request one.
This sucks...Twitter bought Tweetdeck but never did anything, their native app sucks and now forcing all third party apps out. Maybe we should just abandon Twitter
This sucks...Twitter bought Tweetdeck but never did anything, their native app sucks and now forcing all third party apps out. Maybe we should just abandon Twitter
Ooo twitter is being a ass hole like apple and Facebook. Well this will bite them in the ass also. Twitter is just feeling them selves at the moment. 
You guys talking about Twitter? chuckles softly to self
I'm not even sure if the move here is. What does Twitter ultimately want to happen? They stop issuing APIs and they are the only App in town? 
Second party apps could implement spam filters. Twitter wants to force you to see their ads.
And another one, damn, that token restriction system is horrible.
Maxx D
Twitter is getting closer and closer to the "not worth the time" point. 
Maybe this is the reason +Carbon for Android is gun shy? Either way, a greatly disappointing move on twitter's part, Tweet Lanes was/is a great idea of an app. 
The app only has 10,000+ downloads, how is this even possible
Limits like this are going to be the end of Twitter.  Who in their right mind would put in the effort to build a quality app just to run into the situation that this guy did?  Now he's wasted 10 months of his life on something that he can't even consider monetizing all because Twitter is greedy.  Just another reason I rarely use it anymore...
This is awful news. I use Tweet Lanes as my default Twitter client. +Chris Lacy I have enjoyed your app immensely and I'm sorry to see it fall victim to Twitter's new information control strategy.
you know what.. screw the api... lets just use scraper..
Damn shame this happened. Loved the direction this app was going. Twitter needs to start hiring these developers to make an android app that doesn't suck a bag of dicks. 
What the fuck Twitter, if I may ask? 
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