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That's gonna be weird. Having a Samsung 10" tablet that's newer than my 5.5" Samsung Note 2, but less powerful.
+Derek Davies How do you figure it's less powerful? Dual core doesn't make it less powerful, considering it's A15 and no A9.
If it's as advertised, I am buying one!
Nice! Google Nexus is going to rock!
Older than the quad core? It may be dual core but isn't the fact that it's based on A15 architecture the main difference? I'm no expert but I'm sure I read that A15 increases the performance of dual core considerably? That's why it's the only chip capable of handling the screen resolution. I'm under the impression that this things gonna fly. Can someone clarify this for me please. 
Don't like that aluminum back ...
OMG it's a rectangle! I smell a lawsuit coming.
"Hybrid" UI?  Same issue as Windows 8 tablets; can't reach the middle button when holding in landscape.  Seems like a really poor choice.
+Brian Klippel has ROUNDED corners! I smell infringement lawsuit for Apple patents on rectangle .....AND  round, 
Cheers +Tommy Thompson i was sure this wouldn't have been old hardware on a NEW device. That's not how Google does things lol
+Jan Ingolf Kleppe Apple policy is horrible... They say they do great things and iSheeps buy, but the point is that it's all almost the same hardware! You got the main point with iPad mini, it's the same hardware as iPad 2 and costs too much! While N7 is a very updated hardware (just getting little outdated now, but it have been almost one year of the Tegra 3 launch), at a very cheap price. I think Apple should change their policy...
HAHAHA you guys are funny with the lawsuits
Looks just like the drawings and it looks nice but why would they have a dual core instead of a quad core chip set. That seems like a step backwards from the Nexus 7
if it had a MicroSD slot and HDMI out, I would line up for one.  I'll stick with my Transformer in the mean-time.
That's an awful lot of bezel for a 10 incher. Overall I like it though.
Why has it the (ugly) phone interface? Why doesn't it have microSD? With such resolution everything will take a lot of GBs. Why doesn't it have stylus? Without stylus tablets are useless at lectures and work.
Why Dual-Core? Odd when the Nexus 7 and Note II are Quad-Core machines.
Kind of looks like the HP TouchPad... Remember that?
Kind of ugly. And what's with the phone interface? The full tablet UI is 10x better on a 10" device.
Oh well, it's just a leak. Can't get too worked up.
This is a quote about the processor in this thing:

Inside, the Nexus 10 features a Samsung-built Exynos 5250 processor with a Cortex-A15 architecture and Mali-T604 GPU. That’s the same processor used in Google’s latest Chromebook. It’s a 1.7 GHz clocked dual-core powerhouse that benchmarks better than the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro and Apple A6 SoCs.

Seems like it Might do the job....

Looks like it has a docking connector too for all kinds a accessories like keyboard docks, keyboard covers, bedside/desk docks etc. 

I will probably be getting one of these. 
Tim P
No memory card slot? I will pass on this. 
Tim P
Yeah I know. Was hoping they might have changed their minds
Omg!! it is a nexus thay don't have SD slots its better for the entire file systome 
Hmmm the back of the device looks pretty beaten up. Maybe the 4.2 we see is a very early release. 
Wake me up when this is in stores. So sick of rumors
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