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We've come up with an easy method that'll allow you to manually update from the earlier version 4.0.2 to 4.0.4
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can you guys tell me, why is the process not the same now like it was in nexus one days. Copy OTA on SD card and boot in recovery and flash it?
What has changed?
On the GNex, the stock recovery only looks for update files in a specific location. We circumvent that by booting into custom recovery, which can look in other folders.
aahh.. Gotcha! Please post if you found something that is easy and effortless like it was in nexus one days.
I tried the update twice and it failed both times. It downloads, does the integrity check, reboot, starts the install and then fails 1/4 way through. I have a screen with the robot lying on its back and a red triangle. I just hold down the power button to reboot and it loads fine but still on the old firmware with a message that the update failed.
so does this update fix the "enable wifi, hear audible pop, watch bootloop, pull battery" bug?
not working for me. got the yakju release but I am getting a file error with status 7
install abord :(
same error but my "installed" clockworkdmod recovery version is the same one.

I guess I will have to wait for OTA update :(
found it. it was because I was running wrong baseband version. the package validates that your running XXKK6 version before applying update.
download below file :

unzip and copy img file to your android-sdk/platform-tools folder.

reboot phone in fastboot mode

on computer, from command line in android-sdk/platform-tools execute this command:
fastboot.exe flash radio radio-maguro-i9250xxkk6.img

Then, re-do 4.0.4 update steps.

I think I might stay on a stock rom now that we have the 4.0.4 update that seem to fix all the issues with 4.0.2
Ancyl S
did the manual update yesterday, it's great...
It is pretty much it if you are running the proper release
Ancyl S
I got tired of waiting for the OTA for the GSM version
Ancyl S
+Sean McClinton there is a free app that you can install its very small in size that will tell you your product and also tell you who will be sending you your updates Google or Samsung, its call GN Official Update Checker.
Ancyl S
+Sean McClinton you can change it and then flash a stock official image on the phone.
Ancyl S
+Sean McClinton you should just hang in there the updates are staring to roll out for that product code as well. But if you don't want to wait let me know I'll get the link from xda and send to you on how to change the product code.
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