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On widget wonk and data use

A number of folks have asked about "background data" use and our app. And we started to think something was up with the widget. And, sure enough, something was up with the widget.

The big thing we discovered was that there appears to be a bug in the way widgets cache data. As in they were sort of half-assing it, or at the very least aren't set up very well for what we're doing. We've filed a bug report and will do what we can on our own in the meantime. 

We're also changing up the way we pass on our images to the app, which should also decrease data usage. And a nice side-effect is that things will run smoother, too.

We're also going to slow down the automatic refresh interval to 60 minutes. You always can do a manual refresh, though.

Thanks to everyone who helped track this down. Proper data usage is a priority for us, as it is for you, as well. If you're seeing excessive data use, please remove the widget. We'll get a new build into the beta community just as soon as we can.

Download the AC app here:
Join the beta community here:
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Thanks. This used up all my data for the month. +Phil Nickinson helped with this. Once resolved I'll reinstall this awesome app :) 
+James Porter the app itself should be OK - having the widget on a home screen was the real culprit. 
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